Ivan’s new insane flyover: Russian military helicopter buzzes drivers during “double overtake” on a highway.

Remember the video of a Sukhoi fighter jet buzzing Russian drivers on a highway?

Several blog readers (BTW thank you for your constant inputs) have pointed me to the following video showing a Mil Mi-8 Hip helicopter (yes, the same kind of chopper being used in Syria by the loyalist forces to attack rebels, drop bombs and leaflets) flying low over cars on a highway between Jekaterynburg – Kurgan in southern Russia, not far from the border with Kazakhstan.

It was filmed on Aug. 24, 2012 (the Su-24 Fencer flyover was dated Aug. 9, 2012).

Someone believes that such videos are suspect because the average western driver does not carry a camera on his car. However, it looks like many cars in Russia have dash cams (often for insurance reasons) and this is the reason why such insane flyovers are surfacing on Youtube or Liveleak.


Military prosecutors are investigating flight records and safety measures carried out at military airfields.

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