Syrian regime escalates air war: new video of Mil Mi-8 firing rockets

Yesterday, the first video of an Mi-8/Mi-17 using the side mounted machine gun to attack rebels near Azaz, was uploaded on Youtube.

Today, another video has emerged. It shows (in the first 20 seconds) an Mi-8 Hip firing rockets towards the rebels on the ground, during a daytime attack on Aleppo on Mar. 23, 2012.

Therefore, not only drones are flying in the Syrian airspace. Assad regime has started using some of its airworthy gunships against oppositors.

Time for a No-Fly Zone?

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  1. Yes … time for a no fly Zone .. the americans have been giving the green light to Assad for months by saying it’s too difficult and they don’t want to get involved…

    … really they should have been telling everyone how simple it would be to make life eaiser for the rebels and letting Assad’s imagination do the rest, I’m sure the Assad regime kept a very close eye on what happened in Libya..

    I think I’d really pull my claws in if looking down the barrel of the US & Nato

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