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Ukrainian Su-25 buzzes female soldiers then performs a dangerous low level aileron roll

Another crazy low pass.

Here’s another chapter in the Ukrainian Air Force low pass saga.

After the the Mig-29 overflying pro-Russia separatist blocking rails, an Ilyushin Il-76 buzzing some Su-25s and Frogfoots returning the favor while buzzing the tower, an Mi-17 helicopter flying among the cars on a highway and another fully armed Mig-29 Fulcrum in the livery of the Ukrainian Falcons aerobatic display team flying over an apron at an airbase in Ukraine, here’s a Su-25 flying low, really low, over the heads of a group of female soldiers posing for a photograph.

What makes the maneuver really dangerous, is not the “flyover,” but the low-level victory aileron roll the Frogfoot performs after the low pass: aerobatic maneuvers at low altitude can be extremely risky, if not performed by experienced, skilled pilots.

H/T From the Skies for the heads-up!

Video shows Ukrainian AF Il-76MD cargo plane making insane low pass over parked Su-25s in Ukraine

An Ilyushin Il-76 buzzing some people at an airbase in Ukraine.

A few months ago we published a video showing Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 Frogfoot bombers flying at treetop altitude over Melitopol airbase, in southeastern Ukraine.

The Frogfoot jets could be seen buzzing the tower and flying low over parked Il-76 cargo planes. Well, here’s a new video showing the opposite: a Candid making a low pass over parked Su-25s.

As already commented when we posted the Su-25 footage, although the Ukrainian pilots may have to fly at very low-level (where they can be particularly vulnerable to MANPADS as those in the hands of pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine) such low passes seems to be a bit too risky….

H/T @RuAviaPhotog via @CombatAir

Cockpit photo exposes North Korean pilot using a ridiculous lace-trimmed ejection seat headrest cover

Is this a standard cockpit adornment?

Screenshots from a video aired by the North Korean state television were posted yesterday by Alert5 military aviation site.

While cockpit footage from inside a North Korean Su-25 jet is quite rare, what is even more interesting is the weird (at least by Western standards) adornment exposed by the video.

Indeed, as noticed by our friend Tim Robison, Editor in Chief of AEROSPACE, the magazine of the Royal Aeronautical Society, there is some lace-trimmed cover on the ejection seat headrest.

Whether this is a standard decoration or a pilot customization is still open to debate; for sure it doesn’t seem to be made of fire-resistant material as one should expect from almost everything inside the cockpit.

Image credit: Alert5


Ukrainian Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes fly at insanely low altitude, buzz airport tower!

Ukrainian Air Force Su-25s as you have never seen them before!

The following video is pretty impressive.

It shows Ukrainian Air Force Su-25s flying at treetop altitude over Melitopol airbase, in southeastern Ukraine and nearby, in February 2015.

The Frogfoot jets can be seen, from the inside and outside, perform low passes (not as low as the Libyan Mig-23 we have shown here) among the parked Il-76 cargo planes, release flares, fire rockets and even buzz the tower.

Although the Su-25 pilots have to fly at very low-level (where they can be particularly vulnerable to MANPADS as those in the hands of pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine) to perform their Close Air Support missions, some of the passes seem to be a bit too risky!

Watch by yourself.


Bulgarian Mig-29s, Mig-21s, Su-25s (and many more venerable types) at the Sofia Air Show

Earlier this month the Bulgarian Air Force celebrated its 102nd anniversary with an air show at Sofia, which included several interesting war planes.

The Air Show held at Sofia, Bulgaria, on Oct. 11, gave many visitors the opportunity to see many interesting, venerable Bulgarian Air Force planes at work.


The air show, which also featured Navy, Army and Military Police aircraft, included a static as well as a flying display.

Mig-29 takeoff single

Among the types that took part in the flying display, there was a Mig-29 Fulcrum jet that first performed a “Cobra maneuver” and then engaged another aircraft of the same type in a mock aerial dogfight (here’s the footage filmed from aboard the plane); Su-25 Frogfoot attack aircraft, Mig-21 Fishbed, L-39 Albatros and C-27J Spartan.


Photographer Alberto Celsan attended the air show and took the interesting photographs you can see in this post.



Mig-29 takeoff

Su-25 taxi

Mig-29 drag chute

Image credit: Alberto Celsan