This is by far the best video of Mig-29K operations aboard aircraft carrier ever

The following video shows the Mig-29K naval Fulcrum operating aboard the new Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya.

Actually, the “new” aircraft carrier dates back to 1987, when it operated under the name of Baku in the Soviet Navy. It was decommisioned in 1996 and the Indian Navy purchased it in 2004 at an aggregate price of $2,35 billion.

H/T to Alexander Kroll for pointing this over

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  1. Seems like a poor’s man (really no pun intended) AC. That afterburner take off, and the ramp, seems that total payload weight is heavily affected by that method of launching. But I guess anything it’s better (even a half laden Mig-29K) than the disaster a F-35 is… I would like to see a re-engined, new avionics refined, new airframe built F-14 Tomcat 2K, cheaper and better than any v/stol crappo F-35 ! The F-35 is a trillion dollar XXI century F-105 THUD! What a waste! One mocks the rich parvenu Arabs with their gold plated Ferraris and Bentleys, but the F-35 it’s that same exercise in waste and bad performance in a gigantic scale…. Sorry for the rambling, but when I imagine how many good planes could be made, made better or kept flying (A-10, F-15, F-22, B-1, F-16 etc) and I see the crap and time / money spent on that shitty plane (the F-35) it gets my blood boiling every time ….

    • Mmmm, i think you should investigate a little bit abour the differences in concept of russian carriers and american ones. Just a hint, one is a warship with the chance of having airplanes and the other one is a floating military airfield.

      And not only as a concept, but they are called “heavy aircraft carrying missile cruiser” for other reason. You should check the “Montreux Convention” regarding aircraft carriers.

  2. Can someone please educate me as to why the russians do not use catapults on their carriers?

  3. You don’t know squat about the f-35,Jose’ ,and I suspect even less about the F-105 THUNDERCHIEF. The name Thud is term of endearment for the men who flew them. and the mechs who kept them flying. The F-35 is not one ,but three distinct aircraft, for three different mission requirements and as such more than a little difficult. as of this writing are meeting or in some instances, exceeding many of it’s performance requirements. As for the f-14 ”Tomturkey”, that platform is a lot less capable than the F/A-18E Super Hornet, which you did not even mention. Personally, I’m glad such issues are not decided by people like. As for Bentleys and Ferraris; it’s obvious you don’t have one and resent those that do.

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