Mig-29K dusk take off from aircraft carrier. As seen from the tailhook point of view!

Oct 10 2013 - 3 Comments

As already reported Russian Mig-29K fighter jets are going to operate from INS “Vikramaditya”, the carrier once part of the Soviet Navy, purchased by the Indian Navy in 2004.

The carrier is conducting its final operational tests, including day and night take off and landing practice by a Russian Mig-29K.

Mig-29 takeoff

New images of the trials have been released, some of those are quite cool as the one showing the takeoff of the naval Fulcrum from the aircraft carrier at dusk taken from a camera located between the engines, on the tailhook.

They remind a famous scene of Top Gun shot from a flying F-14 Tomcat.

Mig-29 takeoff 1

Image credit: via Indiandefense.com

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