[Video] Insane low pass flyby of a C-130 Hercules in Antarctica

When it deals with crazy low altitude flying in front of the camera, Argentine Air Force pilots are among the most frequently featured.

Their skills in this type of flying were particularly useful to conduct ultra low altitude attacks on British warships during the Falklands War (Malvinas) even if later flybys, in peacetime, were nothing more than quite dangerous improvised improvised airshows sometimes performed between shelters.

The latest video shows an Argentine C-130 performing a low passage on a group of photographers at Base Antártica Marambio, the main Argentine base in Antarctica.

The footage says it all.

Even if it is not as dangerous as previous ones, the flyby is still dangerous, especially because performed on people and not for operative reasons.

Hercules C-130 Pasaje Rasante from Cristian sotelo on Vimeo.

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  1. I am a C130 pilot. Any time I even think of doing a low pass I know that every idiot with a cellphone is whipping it out to drop the video on YouTube or Facebook, and that’s the end of my career right there. This height is unnecessary, and most of the regs call for something much higher. Video evidence of my plane less than 500′ agl outside of certain circumstances will get my ass chewed, ticket pulled and maybe more if it’s stupid enough. There may be a time where we need to operate that close to the ground, but putting everything at risk for an air show is just dumb.

  2. Who needs to justify this kind of flying???? Do you like it? So, enjoy it!!! You don´t like it? then fly as you like. You say this is not a “professional” flight? Decades ago, flying this low, they showed the world how professional they were and the things they could to help their comrades fighting in the islands without proper means.

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