“Winter Hide 2013”: Danish F-16s and Italian Eurofighter Typhoons joint air combat training

Jan 23 2013 - Leave a Comment

The following images were taken few days ago, at Grosseto airbase, by The Aviationist’s photographer Giovanni Maduli.

They show Royal Danish Air Force F-16s, belonging to the Esk 730 from Skrydstrup, and Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons, of the local based 4° Stormo (Wing), training together during the “Winter Hide 2013” exercise.

This is the second time the Danish bring their F-16AM and BM MLU (Mid-Life Update) jets to Italy to train in the mild Italian climate in a period when bad weather usually affects flying operations in Denmark.

Two years ago, Winter Hide 2011 saw 11 F-16s and about 100 military deploy to Grosseto to undertake air-to-air and air-to-surface day and night training with the Italian Air Force prior to taking part to the Libya Air War.

The 2013 edition, from Jan. 14 to Feb. 8, involves 8 planes and 80 military of the RDAF.

Image credit: Giovanni Maduli

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