Watch the F-35 perform its international airshow debut with an Air Power Demo

The F-35 made its debut in European Airshow circuit at the Leeuwarden air show, in the Netherlands.

On Jun. 10, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter made its international airshow debut during the “Luchtmachtdagen 2016” airshow at Leeuwarden Air Base.

F-35 Ferrageau02

The first two Dutch F-35A aircraft, AN-1 (F-001) and AN-2 (F-002), that had arrived at Leeuwarden at the end of the type’s first eastbound transatlantic crossing, on May 23, performed an “Air Power Demo” along with RNlAF (Royal Netherlands Air Force) F-16s, AH-64, Chinook that simulated a series of attacks on the airfield.

F-35 Ferrageau01

The Dutch F-35As were deployed to the Netherlands to conduct both aerial and ground environmental noise tests and perform flights over the North Sea range.


The F-35 also performed a flyover in formation with a Spitfire and an F-16.

F-35 Ferrageau03

Here below you can find an interesting clip showing the “Air Power Demo” by Robin van der Reest.

All images, credit: Marco Ferrageau


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  1. Those were pretty pedestrian maneuvers. It is nothing a vintage 1960 F-8 Crusader could not do. When are we going to see some real flying? Can a F-35 climb straight up vertically from takeoff to 15,000 in a minute. That is what the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels do every airshow.

  2. Waw … not bad for a computer with wings. Mine cannot do that. It can climb and turn!! ..specially against static little man with cameras …. rofl rofl

  3. Actually, the f-16 was using afterburner and took off much later than the F-35. You can barely notice the afterburner glow due to the person holding the camera zooming out. But it is there and if you use fullscreen you can see it.

  4. Afterburner? Tim are you serious?.. it was always f35 that was an air show pig now suddenly its optimized to look better at air shows because of its angle of attack? when will it all end :(

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