A Russian Su-34 Fullback bomber has violated the Turkish airspace yesterday

It looks like it has happened again….

Turkey has summoned the Russian envoy after a Russian Air Force Su-34 Fullback bomber allegedly violated the Turkish airspace during a mission from Hmeymim airbase, near Latakia, in northwestern Syria.

The incident, took place on Friday Jan. 29, and according to Ankara, several warnings in Russian and in English were radioed to aircraft: in other words, something similar to what happened little more than 2 month ago, on Nov. 24, 2015, when a Su-24 Fencer was shot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16 near the border with Syria.

However, unlike the last violation, that eventually led to the downing of the Fencer (and the death of one of the two crew members) this time, the Russian Su-34 was not shot down (even though we don’t really know if the Turkish Air Force attempted to…)

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said: “We are making a clear call to the Russian Federation not to violate Turkish airspace, which is also NATO airspace.”

Perhaps, the Turkish authorities don’t want to further escalate the crisis with Russia caused by the Su-24 incident: following the Fencer shootdown, Russia equipped its planes flying in Syria with air-to-air missiles for self-defense, escorted the bombers with Su-30 Flankers, sent a S-400 missile system to Hmeymin airbase and moved the S-300F-equipped Moskva guided-missile destroyer off Latakia, enforcing a MEZ (Missile Engagement Zone) over Syria.

Anyway, what’s worth noticing is that the Russian planes continue to breach into the Turkish airspace every now and then, in spite of the warnings, onboard navigation systems and the risk of being engaged by the TuAF: it all started on Oct. 3 and 4, when a Russian Air Force Su-30SM and Su-24 aircraft reportedly violated the Turkish sovereign airspace in the Hatay region causing the NATO to protest. TuAF F-16s in QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) were scrambled to identify the intruders and according to Turkish sources a Russian Su-30SM maintained a radar lock on one or both the F-16s for a full 5 minutes and 40 seconds!

Following the incident Ankara said it would shot down any aircraft violating their sovereign airspace as done in the past with the Syrian Mig-23 and Mi-17 maintaining the promise on Nov. 24, 2015, when the doomed Su-24 entered its sovereign airspace for 17 seconds.

Image credit: Russia MoD


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    • Many orders of magnitude in the past few years than before, since Erdogan took power in Turkey and supressed the positive, European-orientated elements in the Turkish military who previously protected human Turks from the terrorists.

  1. Wondering how the ottomans determined it was a Su34, as they’re afraid
    to scramble any F16s to intercept russian planes, after the S400 was put
    As for their “lack” of further escalation, after the Su24 was shot down – a war act in itself – it’s just that they want to play the victim, to beg for a nato intervention. The propaganda spewed from Ankara, with the “official” nato backing is relentless – no signs of deescalation.
    Linking the alleged recording of the warning in (bad) english of “approaching turkisch airspace” to “several warnings in Russian and in English were radioed to aircraft” is at least misleading.
    Also, that recording is no proof that the alleged “violation” of turkish airspace ever took place. We are still waiting for a record that contains a clear warning of entering the turkish airspace, and the order to leave it, or be shot down (still not a definitive prove in itself). As it was never issued, no violation took place. As already proven, it was a clear ambush, prepared in advance. No amount of spinning will prove otherwise.
    BTW, Moskva is already back in Sevastopol, replaced by Varyag, for almost a month.

    • Su34 you had opened your plane’s blackbox with “a hammer” in front of cameras and you Said there is no proof of violation, isn’t it ironic? Turkey released every information about violation including the radar signs and you are still talking shit with no evidence! By the way if we ambushed your planes we shoot both of them, they were both in range… You are just dumb internet heroes that have no idea about war! You have no capability in that area to cover your rescue teams they shoot your helicopter down, öne of your pilots got killed because of your dumb politicians love of Assad and you are stil talking shit! Hang out with kurds russian friends they will sell you to Americans for pennies and Maybe then you understand the dynamics of MiddleEast…

      • It’s not “my plane”, and actually a screwdriver was used for opening the
        FDR – the “hammer” just to loosen stuck screws. When that didn’t work,
        the screw heads were drilled away.

        Unfortunately the PCB, and chips were damaged too badly. How that proves a “violation” took place is beyond reason. Perhaps ottoman mass disinformation media has deeper insights?
        By “radar signs” you mean that phony drawing of a “radar track”? They didn’t even bother to smooth the curves out. Looks really realistic…
        As for offering “every information”, I beg to differ. Just some bad recording of a warning to an approaching craft, and asking to change it’s heading – not even a single warning about entering turkish airspace.
        That’s fairly flimsy for your bold statements.
        The second Su24 was some way behind, so the shooter had no way to engage both in the short time, especially without using on-board radar. It takes a great cow…, err “ottoman warrior” to shoot someone in the back.
        The russian pilot got kil.., err murdered by Grey Wolves, and turkmen terrorists, in direct violation of international war law. The navigator was saved, despite of all turkish/turkmen terrorist’s efforts to kill him – speaking of “capability in that area”.
        As for the ottoman hordes’ proficiency in warfare, here is the portrait of the ottomans’ worst nightmare. Sweet dreams… Maybe the other Vlad will outmaster him?

      • Hehehe..Russia can violate Turkish airspace all 24/7 and wtf can Erdogan do now.Cry to his masters in Tel Aviv…lol

    • Seems like the score right now is Turkey 1, Russia 0. Why is the S400 needed? To keep more planes from falling out of the sky. The Russians put the S400 in place because Russian pilots are afraid to “get it on.”

  2. Russia has moved into Syria link the latest Russian fighter of the 4++ generation SU-35S. This was reported to the Agency by a Military source.

    SU-35S were deployed today in Syria after accusations of Russia in violation of the state border of Turkey accompanied by a TU-154. The group came aboard “03”, “04”, “05” RF-95815, “06” red RF-95816. They are all fighters of 4++generation.

    The first two machines were transferred to the HQs of the Russian Federation at the end of October 2015, the last in early November.

  3. Hey nikoliy, you have no idea about the geography of the area don’t you? You don’t know the specifications of your proud s400s and you are just bragging about it! You are just a dumb putin lover with no idea about weapons of airsuperiority, let me Remember you that you are in another country’s airspace, you are not flying in your sweet russian airspace, why are you in syria? And another reminder it doesn’t matter for an AMRAAM how manouvarable your plane is, it just cares balls and we have it, you had experienced it before ?

  4. why nobody provides real proof and just states assumptions that suit the ideology and foe clishe? they say it to put someone in bad light. now that the syria peace conference started, NATO and the saudis look for a stronger bargaining position.

    because they lost it. also see yemen and the kurds. the US state department and NATO leadership try to fan the rhetoric of baseless accusations. it is almost comical and orvellian “Answering the question of the Russian journalist, the US ready to provide the relevant evidence, Kirby said that “it is not the responsibility of the United States to provide evidence that the Russian did not.”
    “Is it right – to bring charges and to provide the evidence?” – Asked the journalist.
    “This is not a charge, but a fact,” – said State Department spokesman, refused further discussion.

    ROFL – nice doublespeek – and we will see no evidence because original radar data in wartime is classified or doctored :)

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