This cool Infographic says all you need to know about the Sukhoi Su-34 the most advanced Russian plane in Syria

Oct 04 2015 - 16 Comments

The Su-34 Fullback is the most advanced jet the Russian Air Force has deployed to Syria.

Entered in active service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2014, the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is a two-seat strike fighter with a maximum range of 4,000 km, a payload of up to 12,000 kg on 12 hardpoints, the ability to carry R-77 and and R-73 missiles, a 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannon, and a Khibiny ECM suite.

Six Fullbacks were deployed to Latakia, to join the RuAF contingent in Syria on Sept. 28. The aircraft took part to the first air strikes on ISIS targets using the only PGMs (Precision Guided Munitions) dropped by the Russian planes (mainly delivering dumb bombs) so far: the KAB-500S.

The infographic below (if you are reading from your mobile device click here), published by Sputnik, provides some interesting details about the Su-34.

Su-34 infographic

Image credit: Sputnik News

  • Thomas Leor

    Thats one beautiful and lethal bird.

  • Felix

    More than the seat positioning itself, it’s the total lack of rearward visibility that will hurt in AtA fight. The huge (non-jettisonable) internal fuel mass, huge visibility in visual / IR / and radar spectrum all factors which won’t help too.

    Still, what a splendid bird!
    Even if I disregard a bit its pretended air to air value (compared with true AtA designs), it’s very capable in that regard for a heavy striker…

  • Jan Schmidt

    thanks for this beautiful chart… su-34 was developed for long range strike and interdiction… in syria they can go with full load and bomb the shit out of “allahu akhbar” islamists. russia will bomb everybody until they are ready to talk or unconditional surrender. that worked with hitler so it should work with IS and al-nusra.

  • Ed

    Well yeah. It is supposedly better for long range strike missions though – which is its role.

  • Russia announced today that the reason they “invaded” Turkish Airspace was bad weather.

    Good thing NATO is buying F-35’s to combat these fearsome creatures… all the F-35 needs to do pretend to be a cloud, should not be hard for the F-35 to do nothing useful.

    • Karl Grosvenor

      The F-35 is a lemon and I doubt will be a match for an SU-34.

      • F-35 is one time in history you can not turn a lemon into lemonade.

  • ADM64

    Primarily for ground attack; cockpit visibility is very poor for a true air superiority fighter. It seems a significant upgrade of their older SU-24. A powerful aircraft to be sure.

  • TheRealCriticalThinker

    The SU-34 has a wide view rear facing camera, rear facing radar and optic electronic sensors that provide complete situational awareness around the aircraft to the pilots. There are really no significant blind spots that handicap the crew on this plane.

  • Jan Schmidt

    was way too young in 1979 …

  • Bob

    Not really since most missiles only have a limited engagement arc (boresight). If the target isn’t within the bore sight then the missile can’t track.

  • Reagan

    The bomb that hit well known hospital in Afghanistan was a “smart one” ?!! then your definition of “smart” is really DUMB..

    • AeolisMons

      the targeting decision was not made by the bomb. ‘smart’ refers to the ability it has to correct its trajectory during flight, and precisely hit a target using laser designation or GPS coordinates.

  • AeolisMons

    there are 6 Su-34s in Syria, the Russians surely wouldn’t show only videos from those, while not publishing the videos from the dozens of older aircraft dropping old bombs, would they?? :)

  • Russian Airforce Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback (Сухой Су-34) Strike Fighter that replaced the Sukhoi Su-24

    This video is the display of Sukhoi Su-34 at MAKS 2015

  • Berzrkr50

    It cracks me up that they included a cooking station and a “WC” in their design! Can’t pee out the window at 30,000 feet!