Stunning HD video: flying the Russian Su-34 Fullback bomber

Taxi, take-off, aerobatics and a bit of air combat from the cockpit of a Russian Su-34 Fullback.

The following series of videos is pretty impressive: with English subtitles, the footage brings you inside the cockpit of a Russian Su-34 Fullback bomber during a training sortie.

Filmed with cameras installed inside the cockpit and attached to the fuselage, the 4-part documentary includes a sort of dogfight with a Su-27: to be honest, the lighter and more maneuverable Flanker does not seem to react too much to the attacking Su-34; it’s a sacrificial victim rather than a real opponent.

Nevertheless, the clips are interesting and provide some interesting details about the Russian attack aircraft that is becoming a frequent visitor of the Baltic region.

Here below is the first clip. At the bottom you find the links to the remaining ones.

Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.


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  1. Really interesting series of videos indeed.
    The Fullback is quite manoeuvrable for a plane of that size, allright, but the “dogfight” with the Flanker, even if the bomber isn’t carrying any playload, is nothing more than a set-up to pump its capabilities for the means of the TV show it appears in.
    Like most armies do, actually ^_^

  2. So the SU-34 is basically a 5g Air Frame. YAY! That means the F-35 has something to dogfight that isn’t going to spank it in the high G/maneuverability department. Seriously though this is their “answer” to the F-15E Strike Eagle. Good just Russia, and I had such high hopes. Now a Strike with it’s tanks full of gas and a bomb load is basically a 4-5g aircraft. So….just saying, not such a hot strike fighter you got their Mr. Putin. All that being said. The SU-27/30/34/35/37 design is probably the sexiest and best looking “fighter” this side of the F-22. The SU guys make a good looking jet. Just so smooth, great lines.

    • Not really. It is 7g airframe.
      It is limited to 5g only while loaded with heavy ordnance. Once it drops everything but AA missiles, it can do full 7g. Now, that’s just 0.5g less than F-18’s. Not bad for what would basically be a cross between A-10 and F-111 (based on F-15 airframe).
      Also, it will bleed energy much slower than F-35 because of larger wing area and canards.
      Rear facing radar is also nice touch and R-73 can (allegedly) engage targets n rear hemisphere.

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