Unique HD video shows Russian Su-27 intercept P-3 Orion aircraft over the Baltic Sea

Jan 23 2015 - 36 Comments

A clip just released shows a close encounter over the Baltics between a Russian Flanker and a NATO P-3 Orion.

The following footage is quite unique: it shows a single Russian Air Force Su-27 Flanker jet as it intercepts and shadows a P-3 Orion, reportedly flying over the Baltics.

According to the source who sent the link to us, the (unclassified) video was filmed in November 2014 by “one of the sensors carried by a Portuguese Air Force P-3 Orion MPA – Maritime Patrol Aircraft – during a mission over the Baltic Sea.”

The clip clearly shows the fully armed Su-27 approach the surveillance plane from the starboard side (at safe distance…), use the air brake to slow down speed and then break away.

According to our source, it’s pretty standard for the Russian Air Force to launch a single fighter jet to identify and escort NATO surveillance planes.

As reported a few weeks ago, Russian Air Force spyplanes skirting foreign airspaces are frequently intercepted by NATO planes providing Baltic Air Policing task. This video proves that even the Russians keep an eye on NATO and non-NATO’s surveillance and intelligence gathering activities in the region.

The Portuguese Air Force operates a fleet of P-3 Orion aircraft within the 601 Squadron “Lobos” (Esquadra 601), a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare squadron based at Beja Air Base.



  • Paul Robinson

    Like his little waggle – look i’m armed to the nuts !

    • Khanster408

      Yup. He’s fronting… Showing them what he gots.

      But it is an awesome view of firepower.

  • Mads Gellert Madsen

    Nice video. Almost like some underwater documentary with a shark suddenly sweeping over the seabed.

  • R.Lopaka

    Did a better job compared to PLAAF.

  • Pepe Le Cox

    Terrific video, two R-27R1(ER1) under the central fuselage, two R-27T1(ET1) in the wings and two R-73E in the outer pylons, ECM pods in the wingtips

    • schukoco

      I think in the wingtips are standard SU missile rail, face down. This configuration make missile instalments more quick, easier, reduce man power (same for all pylon) and reduce malfunction on clamp-rail due missile load during flight. In my opinion

      • Pepe Le Cox

        yeah you’re right

  • P P

    It looks like either the pilot’s name or the jet’s name is gregory *chkalov(григорий *чкалов), i can’t make out the first two letter letters of the last name. How come it’s sporting the order of the Red Banner on the fuselage– I thought this was a Soviet thing?

    • VSMUT

      It is actually the Guards emblem, meaning that this aircraft comes from, or came from, a Guards air defence unit. Judging from the rather worn paint and the Soviet flag in the emblem, it looks like it is just an old Soviet era machine that hasn’t been repainted for a while. The current emblem has the new Russian flag instead.
      As for the name, that would be the jets name. Many Russian Air Force jets are usually dedicated to former Russian/Soviet aviators/aircraft engineers/designers/generals/admirals. The Tu-160 fleet is a great example of this.

    • Boris The Big Bad Bear

      Now it’s a thing of tradition. :)

    • Mr. Meeseeks

      The Russian air force still uses the red star.

    • mlta

      Su-27 (tail number “90 red”, registration number RF-33740, serial number, 29413, the name “Gregory Rechkalov”) is owned aircraft parts aviation of the Baltic fleet, currently disociranog at the airport Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region).

  • Velvet Metal

    Those YouTube comments on the video never cease to amaze me.

    So intelligent

    So expert

    So wow

  • Andrew

    This is normal when the fighter planes flying intercepts close to the country’s airspace. If it does not then it’s time to change the commander in charge of the defense surrounding area.

  • Can’t tell if that’s rust on the tail wing and the underside or if it’s just dirty and supposed to be like that.

    • CenterIndependent

      Aluminum doesn’t rust. Dirt perhaps?

    • Александр Рыбальченко

      old paint

  • jparker70

    like a cassette deck with wings… lol

  • crocodile

    It is fake. Wing flaps don’t move, thermal imager shows black(black=cold) jet nozzles

    • Mads Gellert Madsen

      I don’t think so.

    • Mile

      That (at your image) is not flir camera at all.

    • kusanagi no tsurugi

      You’re a crocodile, so please return into the pond like your fellow animals and don’t bother us humans with your non sense blabbering

  • daniel

    Would be nice to see a couple of raptors appear out of nowhere and make them poop their shorts.
    Won’t happen with the clown in charge these days though.

    • OR

      raptor is too expensive for the real mission

  • crocodile

    But seconds later they are white, lol. Keep convince yourself

  • fixed09

    This is quite obviously, CGI or some sort of a sim. Look at the reflections and the clouds. Look at the Su-27 pilots head movement. See anything unatural, almost robotic there? I am surprised that this otherwise credible website has fallen victim of some kids with too much time in their hands…

  • TJ

    Still the nonsense of this video continues. The amount of people that still think that it is fake is simply mind-numbing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzh2H6KjdTI

  • big john ok

    Looks like the Russian air force painting/corrosion control budget is non existent as you can tell by the greenish-yellow primer that is visible on the tips of the tail fins.

    • Reactordrone

      The tips are composite antenna covers, you’re just seeing some of the green plastic colour where the white paint has come off.

  • hewasahero
  • hewasahero

    Wrong country’s Air Force.
    Wrong FLIR unit.
    Wrong crosshairs.
    Crosshairs jump about all over the shop: wrong.

  • Helder
  • Helder

    Portuguese P-3C Orion in NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj9gDOj1Ly8