Here’s the alleged Audio of the Turkish Air Force warning the Russian Su-24 before downing it

Nov 24 2015 - 113 Comments

Hear a Turkish Air Force radar station warning an unknown aircraft about to enter the Turkish airspace.

On Nov. 24, a Russian Air Force Su-24M belonging to the contingent deployed to Latakia, in western Syria, was shot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16 after violating Ankara’s airspace in the Hatay region.

Here you can find all the details about the downing and subsequent CSAR (Combat SAR) mission launched by Russian choppers, one of those was destroyed by rebels on the ground, where the helicopter had performed an emergency landing.

The two Russian pilots, who ejected from the Su-24 in flames, died in the incident (it’s still unclear whether at least one of them died before it touched the ground or was killed by the rebels who reportedly gunned the two parachutes).

According to the Turkish authorities, the Russian plane was warned 10 times in 5 minutes while it approached the boundary with another Su-24, before it was engaged.

The violation was extremely short: flying at 19,000 feet, the Fencer crossed the Turkish airspace for 17 seconds. While one of the Fencers egressed towards the Syrian airspace, the doomed Su-24 was hit by an air-to-air missile (AIM-9X, based on the Russian report that mentions an IR-guided weapon; other sources suggested it may have been an AIM-120).

Interestingly, the Russian MoD denied any warning was radioed (by the F-16) to the Russian Su-24 at all.

This may be true because it was for sure a Turkish Air Force radar station to warn the Russian plane and to urge it to head south, away from the border.

The following audio was recorded on the international UHF Emergency frequency 243.000 MHz by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. We have no way to verify whether the audio was really recorded earlier today and we must highlight that similar messages have been radioed to unknown/Russian aircraft in the vicinity of the Turkish airspace in the past as well and recorded/heard by radio-hams and airband listeners located in Turkey and Greece.

However, some Turkish media outlets have already published a similar recording released by the TuAF in the aftermath of the shoot-down.

Provided it was recorded today, the audio would confirm both the Turkish and Russian versions: the TuAF radar warned the “unknown” plane (as claimed by Ankara) and it was not one of the F-16 to radio the message to the Su-24 (as claimed by Moscow).

Now, listen to the audio (if you can’t see the player below click here):

  • Thomas Leor

    One of the main reasons the Russian bomber was shot down, why ISIS seems to have more money than any terrorist orgnazation and why the Turks will do anything to stop the Russians annihilating their investement in this war.

    Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President

    well worth the read.

    I believe this SOB will soon find himself waking from a hard nights cocain party with a Polonium headache…stay tuned

  • Gregory Anbreit

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  • Mongee Phase


    • E1-Kabong

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  • Hej

    You are saying that because of other things Russia has done we must ignore the wrongs done by Turkey, that is a very fallacious and illogical argument. Turkey has not only violated laws, but also controverted its own self when it downed the Russian bomber for a short incursion into their territory. Earlier when the Syrians downed one of their fighters, they went on crying about how short incursions were a matter of “routine”.

    The Turks just want to start some shit up with Russia and this is the best way for it, perhaps because they don’t like how the extremists and salafists in Syria are getting their asses bombed.

  • Thomas Leor

    The diplomatic crisis between Russia and Turkey deepens even further,

    All russian citizens ( approx 10,000) in Turkey are urged to travel home ASAP.

    source SVT (National Swedish Television).

    This could be a soft jab from Putin, on par with the present swift sanctions Moscow are about to impose on the Turks, but it could also mean something far worse.

    It seems Moscow is preparing something really big (as I suggested in my earlier comments).

  • Pepe Le Cox

    about a month ago I posted the possibility of this scenario, when someone asked why russians have SU-30SM escorting the strikers, I wished to be wrong. Erdogan is a loose cannon, He is not a person with temple and you can trust.

    “Pepe Le Cox McPosterdoor a month ago

    There are many fighter planes in the area, including from Turkey, USA, France, etc, it’s good to have a CAP during their strikers sorties. It’s not the first time Turkish F-16 shot down a Syrian aircraft saying they violated their territory which is difficult to prove. Anyway in the area are F-22 either, how do you know they have in their belly?”

  • Asdfgh

    Greetings to Turkish Air force..
    When there is no current understanding of Turkey with russia about isis war.then why russia did any action in his area. also Turkey is doing action against isis on their own.there is no need of entering the the Turkish air space.

  • Pepe Le Cox

    Turkish neither! LOOOOOOOLLL

  • OR

    I was actually talking about the 2nd pilot that has been rescued, sorry for not being clear

  • John Towle

    “The two Russian pilots, who ejected from the Su-24 in flames, died in the incident:–that’s incorrect the navigator survived

  • MPNavrozjee

    I doubt if one out of ten English as a second language speakers could understand that static laden, accented communication. A pair of Russian Air Force pilots? Not a chance. The warning may as well have been in Turkish.

  • sonoran

    Actually it was in English, not “Turkish”. Which is the common, agreed upon language to use in aviation when international parties are speaking to one another.

  • E1-Kabong

    In this case you failed to read the article.

    Russian pilots IGNORED the calls….

  • E1-Kabong

    Anti-government REBELS.

    Not Muslim terrorists…

  • E1-Kabong

    How would he know an IR missile was approaching so as to launch countermeasures?

  • E1-Kabong

    Trolling level +30.

  • hkbob

    Any idea what MM041 is (other than SLOOOW)? I’m assuming MM141 is the f16 high tailing it north after engaging…..

  • Mr. Bals

    It’s only logical that the Russian jet allegedly nicked slightly the Turkish border. Turkey is notoriously known for its appetites over this region. Turkey represents a main source of income for ISIS, buying their cheap oil that gets delivered through the extremely porous Turkish border. This is not an accident but rather a retaliation backed up by NATO by default, though some of the EU members – Germany – quickly dissociated from Turkey’s actions, others restrained from commenting on the subject. Moreover, Russia-France military cooperation is already official. These mixed signals speak volumes that not all NATO members are on the same page regarding this incident. Even to the not very acute observer should be clear by now that the alleged crossing was an incident and not an act of aggression. It never represented a threat to Turkey in any way conceivable. To call the jet’s downing an overreaction is simply an understatement. Hopefully the S-400 missile system will keep the Turks at bay before they get any funny thoughts next time.

  • Tritro29

    Because as the Turks say, there was no warning by the F-16, nor VR contact. This is what the Turks say.

    • Anton124

      Could you please explain what you mean by VR contact?

      • Tritro29

        Assuming the Unidentified planes you’re “warning”, are so, the actual interceptors go in, and establish Visual Range contact. If for what ever reason, still no answer. The 9/6 position including a burst of gun fire, would clearly indicate to the intruder they’re not in the right place and they should leave. The CAP buddy standing at 6 o’clock should insure that no funny things are tried by the intruder.

        • Anton124

          Okay, so I understand “VR contact” refers to visual identification of a potential target.

          Now, what exactly does your posting contribute to anwering my question? Assumed you were right and minding the assumption I made initially that the Russian pilot was in Turkish airspace (which we don’t know for sure of course), why would all this make him admit this violation, when denying it only supports his government’s official position?

          Oh, and why exactly do you emphasize, that Turkish authorities say the Russian pilot hasn’t been warned by the F-16, ignoring that they also say that he has been warned by a radar station? Are you trying to pass this incident as a Turkish plot perhaps?!

  • Anton124

    Read my comment instead of coming up with illogical claims about what I was saying and then telling me about logic!