All you need to know about the Russian Intervention in Syria in one stunning Infographic

Dec 09 2015 - 4 Comments

Here’s the new version of the infographic about Russia’s air war in Syria.

At the end of October we posted the first version of this infographic about the Russian Intervention in Syria, prepared by Louis Martin-Vézian of CIGeography. Many things have happened since then: the Russian Air Force has carried out raids using its Strike Bomber Force directly from mainland Russia; a Su-24M Fencer was shot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16 after an alleged violation of the Turkish airspace; the Moskva missile cruiser has started operating off Syria, and an S-400 battery has been installed at Latakia.

Here’s the updated version of the infographic prepared for Please note that it does not include the first appearance of the Kilo-class Rostov-on-Don submarine that has launched cruise missile(s) against ground targets in Syria from the Mediterranean Sea on Dec. 8.


Many thanks to CIGeography (and please note they sell USN infographics now, at this link).


  • I always loved russian aviation

    • vegass04 .

      Me to, especially when they fall from the skies shot down by western technology, that is the best part of it.

  • Stepan Sushko

    On the map is missed mid-range BUK-M2.

  • Russia seems alone in recognizing the truth that the secular Assad regime has been and is the only acceptable solution. The alternative as Assad and Putin have always recognized has been Islamic extremism. These past few months have proven both Mssrs. Assad and Putin correct.