Watch Russia’s Biggest Ever Victory Day Parade through Combat Aircraft’s GoPro cameras

A stunning view of the flypast over Moscow.

The following clip was aired by Zvevda, the Russian TV network owned by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Filmed with GoPro cameras inside and/or outside Russian Air Force Yak-130s, Mi-28s, Ka-52s, Su-27s, Su-34s, Su-25s and Mig-29s the footage shows the biggest ever Victory Day parade over Red Square, on May 9, from a privileged point of view.


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  1. It looks like the Sukhoi planes have curtains. Does anyone know what the purpose of those are? Block the sun, shield components when on the ground?

    • they put up curtains for a pilot to navigate using only instruments. they do not serve as reinforcement for the cockpit

  2. Incorrect spelling of the network name … it’s Zvezda.

    It’s pretty crazy that the Russian Ministry of Defence owns a tv network, though.

    • just my view – russia transformed from feudalism (the czar era) to stalinism. there was never any communism, i know, in the US they preach that and it is way off and wrong. stalinism was brutal dictatorship until gorbatshov tryed to transform it into democratic socialism. it could not work. so the soviet union crumbled into CIS, they were forced to transform into oligarchic corrupt capitalism until putin started autocratic capitalism just like turkey and hungary. in turkey and hungary the government “owns” tv-channels too. btw most western nations have plutocratic capitalism. just my 2 cents

  3. nice – wow – inspiring – thanks for the video

    full parade in english can be seen here:

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