Watch the heat distortion and tip vortices generated by an EA-18G Growler landing at Nellis AFB

Jan 31 2016 - 1 Comment

Red Flag 16-1 underway at Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas.

With RF16-1 underway, cool images and footage showing Red Flag participants taking off and recovering to Nellis have started to pop up.

Here’s an interesting one, filmed by Dave Stein, showing a VAQ-138 EA-18G Growler on base turn for final: take a look at the heat distortion and wingtip vortices highlighted by the desert mountains in the background.

  • Marco

    In the ongoing discussion about how effective that S-400 deployed in Syria is, I can see that this is that kind of “un-cool” plane that no one considers while it makes the difference in the battle-space.