Turkish F-16 shows off Syrian Mig-23 kill mark

May 08 2015 - 9 Comments

Another interesting kill mark has appeared on a Turkish Air Force F-16.

Along with the F-16C that downed a Syrian Mi-17 Hip helicopter back in 2013, another interesting plane can be found at Konya airbase, in Turkey, where Tiger Meet 2015 exercise is currently being held.

It is the F-16C serialled 91-008, belonging to the 182 Filo (squadron), that shot down a Syrian Arab Air Force Mig-23 Flogger on Mar. 23, 2014.

On that day, the SyAAF Mig-23, flying with another aircraft of the same type, approached the Turkish-Syrian border at around 13.00 LT. While one of the Floggers turned back, the other aircraft violated the Turkish airspace by about 1 km, at 13.13LT. It then continued to fly inside Turkey’s airspace for about 1.5 km until it was hit by an AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) fired by the F-16C 91-008 in Combat Air Patrol near the border.

The Syrian pilot successfully ejected from the Mig.

Mig kill TuAF F-16 close up

Image credit: Levent Gokcen via Kokpit.aero


  • thehamish

    May as well paint a big ISIS flag on the tail since Turkey is one of main backers. Turkeys slip into fundementalism and their support for all sorts of nasty militant groups in Syria is going to cause some major headaches for NATO. They are a liabilty and should be cut loose.

    • Turan Maz


    • Justin Connors

      Doesn’t seem so much nonsense or ignorant now does it?

  • tony

    Glad to hear that the AMRAAM found its home, speaking from a US mil standpoint that is

  • Marco

    AIM-9 or AIM-120? here it says AIM-9:


  • mn,n

    just one?

  • Κατσαρό Πιρούνι

    so nobody here knows about turkish fighters crossing the turkish-greek boarders and intruding greek FIR?

    • Turan Maz

      “Greek FIR” that Greece unilaterally declared without any consideration with international law?

      Maybe you should be entartaining less by spending so much money on war games with European people’s hard-earned tax money!

      Back to work pal!

  • Turan Maz

    What a shame! It is a bit like we live in middle ages. One human kills another and proudly shows it off. What a shame indeed in the 21st century!