Syrian Mi-17 kill mark appears on Turkish F-16C during NATO Tiger Meet

May 07 2015 - 24 Comments

A Turkish Air Force F-16C attending the Nato Tiger Meet in Konya, sports the kill marking “earned” after shooting down a Syrian Mi-17.

On Sept. 16, 2013, a Syrian Arab Air Force Mi-17 Hip helicopter that violated the Turkish airspace by 2 km was shot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16C belonging to the 182 Filo.

Noteworthy, a photograph, taken at Konya airbase during the NATO Tiger Meet 2015 exercise and published by the Turkish website, shows the F-16 (serialled 92-005) sporting a Mi-17 kill mark to celebrate the aerial victory over the Assad’s utility chopper.

Image credit: Rob van Leeuwen


  • Bad Day

    thumbs down… there is nothing to be proud of

    • Guest

      Merely revenge for the Syrians shooting down the Turkish RF-4E in June 2012

      • Roland Lawrence

        Considering the crew of that plane were captured by Syrian authorities, id guess they might have been dancing across the border somewhat. Im not suggesting that Assad is a saint, but neither is “the west”.


    The baby carriages marks are on the other side of the aircraft.

  • tony

    Rough way for that chopper crew to learn about boundaries

    • Bad Day

      considering that it was shot down after the violation of the TUR boundaries and about 2 miles inside syria…

      • tony

        kind of my point

  • Marco

    What about the one that shot down the MiG-23 in March 2014?

  • Н.И. +


  • tengri

    soon kick back!

  • Hamit Kurşun
  • Roland Lawrence

    and “the west” is for sure not sending supplies south in that area either?

  • Bad Day

    who is financing the rebels factions in syria ?

  • Mr.Joe

    Ending up on the other end of a Pantsir system would be fitting .

  • Blokke

    So what, you’d rather have a belligirent nation’s helicopter stroll into your airspace without opposition, or perhaps send a Blackhawk after it to ensure a fair fight? The Syrians or their superiors could have avoided this outcome, so wipe those eyes and get with the programme, Sunshine.

    • tjohn6041

      You intercept and shoot down after you try and make contact while it is in your airspace. They shot it down long after it had left in an area and was back in Syrian airspace, pure murder.

  • tjohn6041

    Oh the Joys of being a NATO member. Can attack anyone, can fund any genocide, commit any atrocity, and your American friends will be clapping for you.

  • Victorinox

    We did it first…

  • Mads Gellert Madsen

    Considering that the chopper was probably dropping barrelbombs 6 days of the week, I’m not really feeling sorry for what happened to it.

  • Rob van Leeuwen

    Dear David,
    Kokpit Aero used my Pic without appropriate approval. Please change credit accordingly.

    • cencio4

      Hi Rob,

      sorry to hear that. I asked whether I could use the pic and they gave me the go ahead, without mentioning the photo was from someone else.
      I’ve fixed it.

      • robvanleeuwen

        Thanks David!
        I know and understand you acted correct, based on the info you had.

  • Zoran Dimitrievski

    Maybe they should try to do it again?
    Or better, maybe not?