HD Video of a Syrian MiG-23 attacking Darayya with unguided 500-kg thermobaric bomb

Brought to my attention by Matt Fanning on The Aviationist FB page, the following HD video is one of the few clearly showing a Syrian MiG-23BN attack plane during a strike mission on Darayya, in southwest Syria.

Noteworthy, at the 00:26 of the video, the Russian bomber drops what seems to be a parachute-retarded ODAB-500 thermobaric bomb before egressing the target area at high speed deploying flares to deceive IR missiles like the one  that hit a Mil Mi-17 Hip gunship lately.

2.280 mt in length and 500 mm in diameter, the ODAB-500 is a 500 kg weapon developed by Russia for use against troops, light armored vehicles, parked aircraft and other soft targets.

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