The Hellenic Air Force holds umpteenth missile storm exercise in the Mediterranean Sea

Dec 05 2012 - 3 Comments

On Nov. 27 and 28, the Hellenic Air Force successfully conducted the last of a series of live firing exercises.

“Filoktitis 2/12” exercise took place at Zakynthos firing range off the Greek island in the Ionian Sea, where all types of Hellenic Air Force’s jet fighters launched AIM-9 Sidewinder and Magic II air-to-air missiles against LUU-2C/B flares.

Both F-16 Block 50, F-16 Block 52+, F-16 Block 52+ Advanced, Mirage 2000, Mirage 2000-5Μk2, F-4E PI-2000 και and Α-7E aircraft fired live ordnance.

Image credit: HAF

“Filoktitis” is an annual base exercise in order to verify the smooth operation of HAF weapon systems, as well as to provide all flying unit’s aircrew and technical personnel with valuable experience.

“Train as you fight, fight as you train”: nothing better than firing a real missile to be ready to use it in combat….

H/T to Strategy Reports for the heads up

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  • Andrew Oldham

    Save your money guys……

  • @ Andrew
    HAF fired AIL-9L and MICA II missiles close to their expiry date.

  • Michaniklis

    Andrew the missiles fired were brand new,straight from the boxes…You and everyone else who critisize a small country like Greece with potential enemies on its borders get your medicine,there are no shortcuts to our defence.You want Greece to save money meanwhile Germans sell 356 Leo-2s to Turkey,now located a few kilometeres from our borders.Open your damn eyes, you are totally wrong.