Greece holds second missile storm exercise in the Aegean Sea in six months

Nov 18 2012 - 4 Comments

On November 14, 2012, the Hellenic Air Force conducted the LIVEX (Live Exercise) “Sea Griffin 2/12” at a firing range located near Crete, in the Aegean Sea.

Image credit: HAF

Two Mirage 2000 from 332Sq./114FW successfully fired two anti-ship missiles AM-39 Exocet Block II against floating target in high risk scenarios.

Then, two F-16 Block 50 from 347Sq./111FW fired AGM-65 Maverick missiles and an attack helicopter fired a AGM-114K Hellfire missile before the target sunk.

This is the second time in few months that HAF helds a “Sea Griffin” drill: on May 31, 2012, several Greek platforms belonging to both the Air Force, Army and Navy were involved in a live firing activity against a target ship.

H/T to Strategy Reports for the heads up

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  • Andrew Oldham

    These idiots waste their money in firing real missiles for training purposes, while other people in their country dont know how to make their living for the next day!!

  • Greece is the crossroad to a troubled region which includes the exit from Dardanelles strait, Balkans, East Med, Mid east.Grab a book instead of spitting noncense.

  • Andrew Oldham

    Greece is Nato member, so where is the thread? Time to save money in the army!

  • Greece along with Israel and Cyprus are in talks to establish their EEZ in the East Mediterranean which is against Turkish interests. There are incidents with actual fire including KIA officers between Greece and Turkey in case you missed them and NATO wasnt there to stop Greeks or Turks.Grab a book key words oil,gas,east med.