Photo: Israel – American exercise reaches its peak with actual Patriot launchings

Nov 12 2012 - Leave a Comment

It was dubbed “the most advanced combat lab in the world for active defense”.

Indeed, it’s an exercise which simulates a wide variety of missile attacks on Israel and the interception of those threats by means of PAC-2 16 Patriot missiles.

Actual launchings are quite rare. Missiles cost a lot, you need dummy targets to hit and reserve wide chunks of airspace to the activity. Hence these rare opportunities to engage enemy planes and barriages of missiles are extremely important to refine tactics and validate weapon systems.

Both the older and the latest versions of the Patriot advanced systems will practice interceptions.

Alongside the Israeli, an American Patriot division has deployed to Israel for the drills.

“In an advanced simulation, all the operational missile interception systems were grouped together: Israeli and American Patriot batteries, the “Arrow” system, Iron Dome and AEGIS ships. In addition, an American Patriot battalion back in the U.S participated in the simulation from afar and even practiced alongside the Israeli forces,” says the press release published on the Israeli Air Force website.

In case of attack on Iran a subsequent rain of missile in retaliation is expected. Better be prepared for it.

Image credit: IAF