Video shows first direct hit of a Surface to Air Missile on a Syrian helicopter

Nov 27 2012 - 10 Comments
  • zo

    impressive, it keeps flying almost as if nothing was!

  • opiumtea

    Are there any telling signs in the video that this is something other than an unguided RPG type weapon?

  • Al

    Does the helo crash?

  • Ha – that would be the world’s luckiest shot of all time with an unguided weapon.

    A hit at that altitude is clearly a SAM.

  • Noha307

    Preliminary Analysis:
    – Helicopter: Mi-17.
    – Tail rotor is on left-hand side of fuselage.
    – Unclear if evasive maneuvers were being taken.
    – Clearly hit by a guided SAM, type unknown.
    – Likely MANPAD.
    – Missile impact on left side just below rotor hub.
    – Probably tracking heat signature from engine.
    – Appears as though the left-hand engine was damaged.
    – Note vapor trail. (0:25)
    – Right-hand engine likely operational, explains lack of immediate loss of control.
    – Right-hand engine panel appears to be blown open. (0:31)

  • Simon B

    Hi David,
    How many gunships would Assad and his forces have had before the civil war began, and what do you think the number is now?
    Will he eventually run out of helicopters if the current rate of attrition continues?

  • Troy

    @Simon B-

    Per a recent article in the October issue of Air Forces Monthly the Syrian Arab Air Force has quite a large fleet of helicopters:

    100+ Mi-8T/Mi-17 Hips (70+ airworthy)
    40+ Mi-25 Hinds (30+ airworthy)
    20+ Mi-2 Hoplite (10+ airworthy)
    65+ SA 342L Gazelle’s (30+ airworthy)

    Based on information in Dave’s blog and other sources I opinion that perhaps a dozen or so helicopters have been lost.

  • Arron D

    Russia is supplying Syria still.

  • In this video you can see the having a hard landing

  • Captain Cooked

    Tough thing that. Had it been a US helicopter (any of the known ones really), it would have likely exploded in a huge fireball, as we have seen them do in Iraq, with the loss of all crew. This one manages to land.