[Photo] Eurofighter Typhoon with stuck nose landing gear after take off

An Italian Eurofighter Typhoon facing a nose landing gear problem solved by re-cycling it. Pretty routine.

What if the plane has trouble getting the landing gear to retract? The simplest thing to do is re-cycle it, that is to say, try to drop it back down before attempting to put it back up. It’s a pretty common procedure in aviation.

This is what the pilot of the Italian Eurofighter Typhoon taking off from Pratica di Mare airbase for the rehearsals of Roma International Air Show did on Jun. 28, as soon as he realized the nose landing gear failed to retract: he re-cycled the gear, successfully retracted it and performed the display practice as planned.

Image credit: Giovanni Maduli


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  1. WOO HOO….DISASTER AVERTED……OH the HUMANITY!! Apparently a BIG DEAL in the IAF? Did ya notice the USMC AV-8B landing nose gear retracted SHIPBOARD? BTW….Could have been solved by…..wait for it…..landing, LOL! Good job IAF!!!!!

    • Shut up, this is a aviation blog, it blogs about anything aviation, if you don’t like it go somewhere else with your sarcastic comments.

      • USMC AV-8B? Maybe ya haven’t heard…..AV-8B aviates. Maybe ya think they should GROUND the IAF Typhoon? Maybe give the pilot a Medal of Honor?? Google USAF gear up landings & grow a PAIR. Wait you aren’t an aviation Journalist for CNN RU? Sure sound like it. Top aviation story tonight kid gets AIR SICK on flight. I’ve aviated for 35 years with a US major. LOL

        • This is an aviation blog.
          This means that you’ll find only news that the author, blogger, journalist, writer (hence me) considers interesting and something you can’t easily find elsewhere.
          The news of the three B737 fuselages was on all main media outlets. Go there to read that stuff or on flightglobal and other authoritative outlets with tens of people writing for them.
          Usually, here you’ll find something you can’t find on most other websites, as a Typhoon with a stuck nose landing gear.

    • Is cappuccino the only kind of coffee you Americans know? Or better, do you know what coffee actually is? I went to USA during Easter holidays and when I asked for a coffee they served me some brown hot water, it tasted so bad, and yet they called it coffee…

    • Hey crybaby, if this was the F-35 you would have seen (along with the nose gear stuck) flames erupting everywhere, unfortunately for you, in the case of the typhoon the flames are coming from the right place, and the nose gear returned up afterwards..

  2. Actually…no. Put the gear down and land. If the gear is messed up…..and you do get it retracted…..next time it might not come down. Then youre in trouble.

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