Lear Jet crashes after colliding mid-air with Typhoon combat plane over Germany

German Air Force Typhoon and private Lear Jet involved in a mid-air in Germany.

A Lear Jet with two people on board has crashed after colliding mid-air with a German Air Force Eurofighter  Typhoon over Olsberg, in Germany.

The Learjet was a target plane operated by the “Gesellschaft für Flugzieldarstellung” (GFD), a civilian company cooperating with the German Air Force for air targeting exercises.

The Eurofighter involved in the collision was operating with another aircraft of the same type within a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) training, in which the Eurofighters intercepted the Learjet.

The military jet reportedly safely landed at Nörvenich air base whereas the private owned plane crashed in an unpopulated area. The two on board the Lear Jet are feared dead.

Image credit: Eurofighter


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