F-22 Raptor kill markings shown off by German Eurofighter Typhoons. "The F-22 is not invincible" saga continues.

As the majority of the readers of The Aviationist already know, there are very different opinions as to the outcomes of the dogfights between the U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors and the German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons during the recent Red Flag – Alaska.

Was the F-22 “overwhelming” or was it “salad” for the Eurofighter’s pilots lunch (that recounted several Raptor kills)?

Anyway, as the following photos taken by Dietmar Fenners at Neuburg on Jul. 18 seems to show, the German Air Force is particularly proud of the simulated shot down of several F-22s achieved during the mock engaments.

To such an extent two planes boast some F-22 Raptor kills.

Hence, at least in a (possibly unrealistic) WVR (Within Visual Range) air-to-air engagement with the Typhoon, the Raptor is not invincible.

However, as already explained several times, simulated  kills scored during dissimilar BFM engagements don’t prove a fighter plane is better than another one, and are almost meaningless unless the actual Rules Of Engagement (ROE) and the training scenario are known.

Image credit: Dietmar Fenners

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  1. Seems everyone over there like to forget that the US supplied Russia with virtually everything from boots to planes to tanks to manufacturing expertise.

      • Exactly what proof do you have that the US supplied the Nazis with materiel during WW2..

    • Lets not forget the 80% of the entire German army that was on the eastern front. The western front would have been nothing without Russia.

  2. It is a brawl between two friendly nations. Both planes are good, the F-22 is thought of as exceptional. The german pilots bragging with their F-22 kills is a compliment if anything, learn to take them.

  3. I get bored with people constantly arguing who did what in WW2, without everyone it would have ended in favour of Germany. No one country is better than another all contributed what they could. Why the arguments when we came together as allies and won. Never understood why there is no respect for each other.

  4. I was on a Southwest Airlines flight in late May, from Denver to LAX. About 30 minutes before boarding, I saw a SW First Officer come up to the door of the gate, eating ice cream. I walked over to him, and ask him if he was the co-pilot on this flight, and he said yes. As we talked, it came out that he was a former F-22 pilot, and was still in a non-flying job in the reserves. I ask him if he knew anything about this exercise between the F-22 and Eurofighter, and he said yes, that he was there in an administrative role. He said he had seen all the airplanes’ camera work, and that the F-22 really did win — big time. I said, but probably not as big a 100-1 kill rate like they do over F-15s and F-16s. He didn’t respond to that, but he did say the Eurofighter pilots were just shooting their mouths off. I forgot to ask him about the IRST on the Eurofighter, and if it was any good against the F-22–I could kick myself for that.

    • But then again US was shooting their mouths off when people were saying F-22 was invincible or to words of that effect. These tests shows it can be taken on and beaten.

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