This is how Japanese see their future air war against China over Senkaku Islands. With new stealth planes

Aug 12 2013 - 31 Comments
By Richard Clements

Even if they are promotional material aimed to support a recently released book, the videos in this post are particularly interesting as they show how the Japanese see their future air-sea battle scenario.

Obviously, China is perceived as the main (only?) enemy and the Senkaku Islands (also known as Diaoyu Islands in China) is where Japanese foresee the close encounter with Beijing carrier battle group‘s J-15s.

Noteworthy, whereas Chinese planes featured in the video are current ones (there’s no trace of J-20s or J-31s), Japanese fighter jets are mainly new F-3s (whose development is not to start before 2016-17) namely F-3As and delta-wing F-3Es.

Some footage also features several F-35Cs embarked on a Japanese aircraft carrier.

Although it does not seem to be an official Japan Air Self Defense Force product, the CGI footage seems to support Japan’s current nationalist instinct and fits with the Abe government’s path to rearming.
Nothing more than a cartoon then. At least for the moment.

Written with David Cenciotti

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  • Yanagi

    how come will the Japanese navy be equipped with the so-called F-3, while Chinese navy are still using J-15? Interesting. このビデオを作った奴って頭おかしいだろ!!!

  • StanSki

    With the United States starting to falter on the World Stage, I wouldn’t blame Japan for “re-arming”, that is being able to protect itself through unilateral attack. And why should a country have to wait to be attacked before they can do anything about it anyway? That is absurd. WW2 was a long time ago and the Japanese only attacked then because the USA attacked them economically. No, build it up Japan. You deserve to be able to do what you need to to survive.

    • Guy Cocoa

      Sure, the Japanese had nothing to do with China, Korea, Southeast Asia or anywhere else before “the USA attacked them economically.” Learn history. The US imposed economic sanctions on Japan, primarily the embargo of oil and steel, because of what Japan was doing to other Asian countries. Just as an example google “Rape of Nanking.” You might learn something.

    • Yanagi

      learn more history please. I have to say that Japan deserved to be attacked at that time for all the nasty and cruel things they had done in China, Korea and many other countries.

    • betsuni

      This is what the Japanese history classes teach you? Go figure.

  • Bill Huang

    You know your editors have run out of things to write when they resort to a Japanese animated fiction movie to base your military analysis on.

  • idahoguy101

    Is the translation of the title from Japanese, “World War 3″? The PRC has nuclear bombs. Will Japan have them in 2035? Or in this scenario does the United States of America threaten a counter strike against China?

  • Iulius

    Dramaculous nationalism with no regard for an remotely plausible scenario? What’s Japanese for ‘Michael Bay’?

  • Stagester

    Its about time our allies start taking their own defense seriously.

    • buzzardist

      Japan has one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world, and it spends far more than most people would imagine.

      Japan somehow just gets away with not calling it a “military.” The “Self-Defense Force” is instead designated a branch of the police, lest anyone mistake that a flat-top destroyer might be used as an offensive weapon.

  • Scott Millican

    Since when did F-35As have twin engines? Nice idea, but will never happen without a complete redesign of the aircraft. Something that should have been incorporated from the start, but I digress!

  • Scott Millican

    Since when did F-35As have twin engines? Nice idea, but will never happen without a complete redesign of the aircraft. Something that should have been incorporated from the start, but I digress!

    • idahoguy101

      The aircraft being catapulted off the deck of the Japanese Aircraft Carrier, in the shorter of the two videos, is an F-35C. The other JASDF aircraft were two version of the Stealth Fighter that Mitsubishi is developing now. No prototype has flown yet. Note the year of the Battle between Japan and The PRC is 2035. Twenty years in the future.

  • JAFF3

    I doubt that by 2035 cutting edge aircraft will have a pilot or a aircraft carrier will be able to safely sail the seas around Japan without been sunk by land or sub based missiles. Always fighting the last war.

  • David Govett

    Looks like Battle of Midway.

  • David Govett

    Chinese belligerence is causing what Chinese fear most: A militaristic Japan.

    • jerryz

      When was japan not militaristic? This country needed major defeat every few centuries to be reminded of their place, before they think they own the world again.

      • Richard

        The Japanese militarist still has not admitted and has not apologized for their WWII war crimes, like Nanjing massacre, comfort ladies, unit 731 poison gas human experiments, and enshrining their war criminals in Yasukuni shrine. The whole of Asia just hate Japanese aggression.

    • lalala

      Why would the Chinese fear a militaristic japan? It has always been militaristic and expansionist in the past and they are only bidding their time waiting for the opportunity to rearm themselves and attack nations in surprise attacks. When they were attacking the Koreans, the Chinese, the Russians and the Americans there were never declarations of war, just surprise attacks. They are indeed a formidable foe for any nation to face but they are manageable when you know their true nature.

      • Aging-liberal-douche

        To be honest the Japenese were historically isolationists, it wasn’t until western countries decided to force there economic and political agendas on the region that Japan became a militiristic state. Also there only real major defeat as a country has been WWII and unless we’ve forgotten they were are allies in WWI. Oh and they produce my ps4 if Japan goes down I refuse to use a poorly designed Chinese console!

        • Robert Koehler

          it wasn’t until western countries decided to force there economic and political agendas on the region that Japan became a militiristic state.

          There are a lot of temples in Korea burnt down in the last decade of the 16th century that say otherwise.

  • Just Another Guy

    Aw, c’mon….you KNOW you are thinking it….

  • buzzardist

    Hmmm…Japan planning for a war in 2035. I wonder if the Chinese will be so accommodating. Do we really expect the Senkaku Islands dispute to fester another 20 years? And just as Japan develops uber-stealthy planes and aircraft carriers, China will decide to attack then?

    And are the people who made this really naive enough to assume that China’s first move in a war would be to sail its navy within range of a land-based strike force before crippling Japan’s ability to detect an attack or launch a defense? I’d expect missiles to rain down on parts of Japan like hail, and I’d be not at all surprised if the Chinese started things off with an EMP blast (or three or four) large enough to knock out Okinawa and virtually all of the Japanese mainland.

    It’s hard to take these videos seriously. They are fictitious fanboy creations, playing more along nationalist fantasies than in military sense. I’ve seen similar Chinese videos. This is probably just trying to be a Japanese response to those. None of them say much, if anything, about either country’s military capabilities or what a conflict between them would actually look like.

  • brownie

    TeamAmerica and TeamJapan will work together to SMASH Chinese aggression within 20 years. Let’s keep working on getting India to join us!

    • Jaikumar Hundlani

      India , Phillipines,Vietnam , and Japan all hate China. China is making more enemies than friends. China’s rise is not peaceful and they want to grab more and more land from all the neighboring countries. I hope all these countries will join hands will give tough hand to China , If China dares to grab the land of any of these countries.

  • schmuck281

    But doesn’t Japan already have the Power Rangers and Voltron to defend it. I saw it on TV so it must be so.

  • Christian J Heinbockel

    Where did all the kids go? We know it’s fiction but we still go to the movies.

  • The Realist

    Any sane person would put their ragged copies of Jane’s away and realize that no one wants China to win ANYTHING. The entire world would be marginalized and suffer if China is allowed to continue building its military and spreading its international lines to overlap their neighbors.

  • Larkins Dsouza

    The Mitsubishi ATD-X ShinShin becomes increasingly important to Japan with US refusal of F-22 sale and multiple Chinese stealth fighter projects.

  • bridgebuilder78

    Oh dear, China will only hit Japan once, with one bomb.

  • Howard

    No, china will never attack so late. The so called “F-3″ by japan will be more than certainly underperforming as their budget will be tough. Also, when the “f-3″ is in service, why would China still be using J-15s? They will be using something equivalent to the F-22 or the F-35!