This is how Japanese see their future air war against China over Senkaku Islands. With new stealth planes

Aug 12 2013 - 33 Comments
By Richard Clements

Even if they are promotional material aimed to support a recently released book, the videos in this post are particularly interesting as they show how the Japanese see their future air-sea battle scenario.

Obviously, China is perceived as the main (only?) enemy and the Senkaku Islands (also known as Diaoyu Islands in China) is where Japanese foresee the close encounter with Beijing carrier battle group‘s J-15s.

Noteworthy, whereas Chinese planes featured in the video are current ones (there’s no trace of J-20s or J-31s), Japanese fighter jets are mainly new F-3s (whose development is not to start before 2016-17) namely F-3As and delta-wing F-3Es.

Some footage also features several F-35Cs embarked on a Japanese aircraft carrier.

Although it does not seem to be an official Japan Air Self Defense Force product, the CGI footage seems to support Japan’s current nationalist instinct and fits with the Abe government’s path to rearming.
Nothing more than a cartoon then. At least for the moment.

Written with David Cenciotti

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  • AliIbnAbiTalib

    J-20 is a copy of the japanese f-3a stealth fighter jet.

  • Nicohlas Willey

    We only got to keep are eyes on 4,country’s. Iran ,North Korea , Russia , china. Those guys are bad guys, and we are the good guys usa along with 30 county’s behind us,and the good guys always kick ass!!!!