Yet another crazy ultra-low altitude pass by a Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 aircraft!

New video shows a Ukrainian Frogfoot performing an insane low pass!!

Reportedly filmed at Lutsk airbase, the clip below shows a Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 performing a low passage along a taxiway of the military airfield in northwestern Ukraine.

According to the user who uploaded the footage the aircraft was flying at less than 1 meter of altitude, even though the jet was probably a bit higher (someone says 2.5 – 3 mt).

It’s not the first time Ukrainian pilots fly low and fast and get filmed. In the past we have reported about the Mig-29 overflying pro-Russia separatist blocking rails at very low altitude, an Ilyushin Il-76 buzzing some Su-25s and Frogfoots returning the favor while buzzing the tower, and also an Mi-17 helicopter flying among the cars on a highway.

Generally speaking Su-25 pilots are trained to fly at very low-altitude (where they can be particularly vulnerable to MANPADS as those in the hands of pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine) to perform their Close Air Support missions. Still, this seems to be a bit too low!

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  1. UkAF… Useless assets and force. They were kicked out of the combat zone as soon as some air defense vehicles and MANPADS downed few of them in summer 2014. I wonder why a country short of money and with some regions invaded by another country is still spending money on stuff that proved itself useless and was knocked out of the fight.

  2. Not only the hryvnia got 4 times lower since the “revolution of
    dignity”, the ukie meter also seems to follow suit. Alas, they still can
    get lower… way lower.
    The industry also – ukies have just sold out all An225 rights to the chinks… which will get it into production as soon as 2019.

    • That happens when you deal with crappy-land kind of economies /regimes like North Korea, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, and all that kind of fucked-up-worldistan that comes along.

      • That happens if a country gets destabilized by a coup to introduce western “democracy”.

        • Rather because the aforementioned countries were unable to implement a successful diversified economy so far.

          East Germany bad. West Germany good.
          North Korea bad. South Korea good.
          Ukraine bad. Czech Republic good.
          Russia poor and rusty. West developed and shiny.
          Syria barbaric. Israel free and high tech.
          Iran poor. Emirates rich.
          Venezuela broke. Saudi Arabia solid.
          Vietnam cheap. Singapore high income.
          PRC developing, country side is poor. Taiwan high tech.
          Northern Iraq ISIS. Southern Iraq violence under control.

          I, as a normal employee in the private sector, would: hunt for a job in Germany. hunt for a job in Singapore. hunt for a job in South Korea and so on.
          I would never: hunt for a job in Venezuela. hunt for a job in Russia. hunt for a job in Syria. hunt for a job in Vietnam and so on.

          Where the West had a clear victory, the society works or works better. Where the West lost or still fighting the society is part of the fuck-istan.

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