Video shows Ukrainian AF Il-76MD cargo plane making insane low pass over parked Su-25s in Ukraine

Sep 28 2015 - 7 Comments

An Ilyushin Il-76 buzzing some people at an airbase in Ukraine.

A few months ago we published a video showing Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 Frogfoot bombers flying at treetop altitude over Melitopol airbase, in southeastern Ukraine.

The Frogfoot jets could be seen buzzing the tower and flying low over parked Il-76 cargo planes. Well, here’s a new video showing the opposite: a Candid making a low pass over parked Su-25s.

As already commented when we posted the Su-25 footage, although the Ukrainian pilots may have to fly at very low-level (where they can be particularly vulnerable to MANPADS as those in the hands of pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine) such low passes seems to be a bit too risky….

H/T @RuAviaPhotog via @CombatAir