Watch the Red Arrows display team fly through the famous Mach Loop in formation

Aug 29 2016 - Leave a Comment

Earlier today the Red Arrows flew through the famous Mach Loop in two formations. And someone was there to catch the awesome sight!

On Aug. 29, the Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows display team hit the Mach Loop low flying area in Wales.

Paul Williams was there and filmed the two sections of five Hawk aircraft flew through the loop named after the nearby town of Machynlleth.

Although the area is regularly engaged by jets flying low-level training missions as low as 250 ft from the ground, the “Reds” are quite a rare sight at the location. Furthermore, even if they have already been photographed in Mid Wales while practicing low level flying in singles, this is the first time the Red Arrows are filmed flying in (two) formation(s) though the Loop.