Watch two F-15E Strike Eagles maneuver at low altitude in the famous Mach Loop

U.S. Air Force F-15E flying in the Mach Loop prove how maneuverable a Strike Eagle can be at low altitude and high speed.

Low level flying is quite demanding because of the risk involved with flying at high speeds close to the ground.

Some unpopulated areas of the UK, designated ‘Low Flying Area’ (LFA), as LFA-14 (Scotland), LFA-17 (Lake District) and LFA-7 (North West Wales), have been chosen for training activities of RAF at altitude as low as 250 feet.

LFA-7, used also by U.S. units as well as allied air arms and aerospace industries, has a series of valleys lined by steep sides with mountains either side rising to around 1,000 meters that allows the pilot to do training circuits at ultra low level altitude.

Among the most frequent visitors of the North West Wales valleys are the F-15E Strike Eagles from RAF Lakenheath that frequently cross the area that has become popular with photographers, aviation spotters and enthusiasts from all around the world.

One them has recently filmed two Strike Eagles going fast and low though the Loop.

Top image credit: Jez B/Flickr


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