This Awesome Footage shows U.S. F-22s flying at low altitude through the famous Mach Loop for the first time

Apr 27 2016 - 7 Comments
By Jacek Siminski

Raptors hit the Mach Loop!

Videos and photographs emerged on the Internet, showing that the Raptor jets have been active within the famous British Mach Loop Low Flying Area.

Since 12 Raptors are deployed to RAF Lakenheath, there is the opportunity for them to get involved in a variety of training activities in the UK and across the continent.

So far the Raptors presence in Europe had only an episodic profile, now we may speak of an operation which is going to last a bit longer. According to the official information the U.S. stealth jets are going to stay overseas until May.

The video above shows the U.S. 5th generation fighter enter the British Mach Loop LFA for the very first time on Apr. 26. In this video one may also note the aircraft maneuvering at low altitude (followed by an U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle from RAF Lakenheath).

Nonetheless, considering the European Reassurance Initiative and inclusion of the Raptor deployments therein (also plausibly in a form of so-called Rapid Raptor Package), the stealth fighter may become a more common sight in the European theater.

Two F-22s were deployed to Romania on Apr. 25 for a few days in Black Sea area.

Video/Image Credit: YouTube/Elwyn R

  • AlexisWolf

    I can here them (or similar) as I type. Disturbing the peace and frightening pregnant sheep and newborn lambs. Not so awesome when you live and work under them!

  • Marco

    estimated speed? it looks flying slow 300 kts maybe?

  • Stephen Chalmers

    I think I could see the pilots displaying a slight stiffy on the change of direction as they navigated

    the contours.

  • Cocidius

    Great footage of low flying Raptors at speed. The 2nd F-22 to come through in the video used thrust vectoring making the bank to the right at speed look easy.

    • sferrin

      You must have some kind of X-ray vision given there was an airplane between the camera and the nozzles when it made the turn.

  • Frederick Murre

    Love that break-turn at 1:20

  • eusebio manuel

    love thanks video