Super cool video shows the rehearsal of Axalp 2015 live firing exercise

Here’s how a neutral country protects its airspace.

Even if this year’s edition of the famous Axalp “unconventional” and unique airshow, planned for Oct. 7-8, was cancelled because of bad weather on the shooting range, the rehearsal of the live fire exercise took regularly place on the previous days.

The following stunning video was in fact filmed on Oct 5-6 at Meiringen air base and on the most famous range of the Swiss Air Force: Axalp Ebenfluh.

As the clip shows, the event is not limited to the shooting sessions of the Hornets and the F-5s but it also comprises Search And Rescue demonstrations, dogfight simulation (with huge use of flares) solo exhibitions and ends with the display of the Patrouille Suisse.