Breathtaking video brings you aboard the Patrouille Suisse during Solenzara airshow

Something you don’t see very often.

Taken during the Meeting de l’Air hosted by the Base Aérienne 126 Ventiseri – Solenzara, from May 29 to 31, 2015, this cool video features the highlights of the Patrouille Suisse display which took place during the airshow.

Noteworthy, during the 2015 season the Swiss aerobatic team has not always flown with aircraft in its colours because among the sixteen Swiss Air Force F-5Es affected by airframe cracks, there were also five Patrouille Suisse red and white Tigers.

However, the shortage of aircraft didn’t prevent the team from filming awesome footage like the following one.

Top image credit: Patrouille Suisse / Yannick Barthe


  1. Pretty sweet. It’s fun when skiing in the Swiss Alps to see one of those jets showing off for the skiers…

  2. have seen them twice at ILAs in berlin – one of the best display teams – this video made my day – thanks!

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