Videos of the first ever F-35 Flyover at the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl

F-35 aircraft from the 61st Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona have done their first flyover at the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl.

On Jan. 25, the F-35s belonging to the 56th Fighter Wing from Luke Air Force Base performed the first ever Lightining II aircraft flyover opening the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl game at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona at 6.00 PM LT.

According to one of our readers, “Cougar”, “Jeb”, “Merc”, and “CATA” are the nicknames of the Joint Strike Fighter pilots of the 61 FS who performed the flyover.

Here below you can see one of the pilots preparing to strap in the cockpit.

Step time

Here’s the patch the 56th FW has produced to celebrate the event:

Patch Flyover Probowl

Here below is the video of the flyover, officially released by the U.S. Air Force.

Here’s a clip shot from inside the stadium:

Image credit: U.S. Air Force / 56th Fighter Wing


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  1. Remember guys, not to fast, not to low and no more than 3.5 Gs,,, we dont want to loose parts over the crowd !!!

  2. Wow, you guys are simply incredible. So let me get this right, the F-35 sucks, its too expensive, it barley flies, America sucks, it’s too quiet for a flyby (WTF its a fighter jet), it can only sustain 3.5 g’s, Obama Sucks, the F-35 will get shot out of the sky by a p-51, it’ll never make it out of the merge, having one engine means it will never be a success in combat, the A-10 would’ve fired its GAU-8 over the stadium for effect, oh yea Obama sucks…Did i miss anything??

    • You forgot to mention the “no-go zones”.

      I mean, one of the experts was a former US Air Force member, it has to do something with this, am i right?

  3. What’s the point of having a fly over at night? All you got to see where 8 lights. And with this logic its ok to waste the money for this and cut the A-10

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