North Korea’s Mig-29 Fulcrum jets getting new paint scheme

Oct 20 2014 - 7 Comments

Photos of a North Korean Mig-29 operating from a highway shows the Fulcrum with a brand new color scheme.

A series of images released by North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) show Pyongyang’s leader Kim Jong Un attending Korean People’s Army Air Force’s latest highway drills.

Among the aircraft involved in the drills there is also a Mig-29.

Interestingly, the Fulcrum sports a new color scheme: whereas the bottom of the fuselage has kept the light blue color, the top has been painted with a two-tone gray color scheme.

North Korea Mig-29 KJU

Here below you can see the “old” livery of North Korea’s Mig-29s.

Mig-29 old livery

It’s not clear whether the new livery is temporary, or it is going to become a standard within North Korea’s fleet; in 2013, KPAF changed the camouflage of some Il-76s belonging to the state-owned national flag carrier airline of North Korea Air Koryo to reinforce the flying parade over Pyongyang.

Image credit: KCNA

H/T to @CombatAir for the heads-up


  • Chris Carpenter

    Somehow I think the top image of the Fulcum is landing, braking parachute deployed is really gonna hike up his V1!

    • jetaddicted

      how dare you criticize PDRK-AF’s take off techniques?!

  • Welcome to USSR 2014

    Looks like a ex-GDR/NVA Mig-29 with that red number…

  • Paul Gooda

    It’s going to take a lot more than a new paint job to win a war with the South

  • tommy B cool

    Shame I love the high gloss look, probably really stealthy too as the radar wouldn’t stick on shiny gloss (joke) I do feel sad though as the never seem to fly with weapons, as they cant afford them poor North Koreans (again I joke).

    • SeeSure

      Yeah, there is not much money left after feeding Kim Jong Un……..

  • Grach25

    No mater how you paint it, it still isn’t an F-15C.

    Just sayin.