North Korea's drones, new ballistic missile on display during mass military parade in Pyongyang

On Apr. 15, 2012, a mass military parade was held in the Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea, to celebrate 100 years since the birth of the late North Korean founder Kim Il Sung.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un delivered his first public televised speech Sunday, just two days after a failed rocket launch. According to Fox News dealing with the ballistic missile test he said (more or less):

“What we trust is not modern weapons, but our beloved soldiers and commanders.”

A lot of interesting hardware rolled out, including some drones, SA-3s, tanks, and a rocket, that according to some sources could be a new, possibly never seen before, Taepodong-class missile similar to the one that was lost few seconds after launch on Apr. 13.

A formation of Mig-29s performed a flypast of the parade.

Image credit: AP, Getty Images, Reuters

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    • what if that’s not a drone but missile that looks like drone..
      and if it can kill I would not say that’s a BS

      • Their cheap hardware cant even come close to threatening the U.S. so even if it was a missile, there is little reason to care. We spend too much money protecting South Korea. Its time for them to put their big boy pants on and fight their own battles. I could care less what happens to that country and if they got wiped out then the only issue i can foresee is the cost of certain electronics would go up. Let them fight it out and save the tax payers some money for once. If i was still active duty and they said “we need you to go fight South Koreas war,” “go risk your life for these people.” I would tell them to go fuck themselves

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