Watch this awesome JAS-39 Gripen video shot with a special ultra-stable gyro camera

Apr 21 2016 - 3 Comments

Rock-steady footage at speeds exceeding 300 knots.

This footage does not need too much explanations.

According to Blue Sky Aerial’s Peter Degerfeldt, “Saab Defence and Security needed a heavy-duty camera system to capture its Gripen fighter jet’s top speeds of over 345 mph and US-based company Blue Sky helped by building a customized gyro-stabilized camera. Consisting of a 6K Red Dragon digital camera and $40K USD Canon lens, the 5-axis system yields rock-steady images, even at speeds of more than 300 knots.”

Watch out the stunning footage shot from a SK60 photoship.

H/T Henry Blom for the heads-up

  • Jan Schmidt

    nice! love the gripen … stunning video, best on big tv … thanks

  • bk

    too bad of the music

  • Cocidius

    A beautiful video of an amazing aircraft (I’m slightly biased obviously). :-)