Russian Mi-28N Night Hunter gunship helicopter crashes in Syria killing both pilots

Apr 12 2016 - 10 Comments

A Russian helicopter has crashed near Homs, Syria, killing the two pilots on board.

A Russian Mi-28N Havoc combat helicopter, deployed to Hmeymim airbase, near Latakia, Syria, has crashed near Homs on Apr. 11, killing both crew members.

According to the Russian MoD the Night Hunter, a modification of the Mi-28 gunship optimized for night combat operations, was not shot down but crashed for reasons yet to be determined.

The Mi-28N is the third loss for the Russian forces in Syria: on Nov. 24, a Su-24 Fencer was shot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16;  during the CSAR mission launched to rescue the two pilots (one of those was killed by the Islamists rebels), a Mi-8AMTSh Hip helicopter was hit by ground fire and later destroyed. A naval infantry officer was killed.

The Mi-28N and Ka-52 helicopters have been deployed to Syria after part of the Air Group was withdrawn on Mar. 14, to provide close air support to Syrian forces, to protect the Russian Task Force deployed to Hmeymim airbase, near Latakia, as well as to conduct CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) missions.

Image credit: Yevgeny Volkov

  • JS353535

    Apache is still superior. ;)

    • Macedon


      Like they were so superior over North Albania in 1999

      What are you , 10 yr old ?

  • Cocidius

    Yes I’m sure that this crash has nothing to do with the FN-6 MANPADS that have started to showing up in Syria both with ISIS and Syrian Rebels.

    • disqus_STXkrV9NGc

      So you’re saying the Russians lie?

  • AlexisWolf

    There are reports citing a ‘hydraulic power boost failure’. If it was enemy fire it could only have been either a very ‘lucky’ hit or an advanced SAM as supplied by NATO and/or Saudi etc.

    • John Whitehot

      it crashed at about h0130, basically impossible that it’s been hit by a manpads. Also the area is too far away from rebel zones.

  • Jan Schmidt

    any military operation in war time can expect to lose people and hardware – but russia did the right thing and stopped islamism and ISIS outside russian borders – a lot more would lives would be lost if they did not intervene in syria and iraq

  • Steve E Ames

    Our laser weapons are getting very good.

  • Macedon

    It was 2 , genius