Video from U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea as Russian Su-24 Fencer flies by

Jun 01 2015 - 21 Comments

Here’s the video of  a Russian Su-24 flying close to USS Ross in international waters in the Black Sea.

Few days ago, Russian media reported that Russian Navy Su-24 Fencer jets scrambled from an airbase in Crimea “forced” a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea to leave for neutral waters while approaching Russia’s territorial waters.

Russian outlets claimed that USS Ross turned around because it was scared by the sight of the Su-24, a type of aircraft involved in a similar incident with USS Donald Cook, an American destroyer allegedly “blinded” by a Fencer in the Black Sea in April 2014.

Although, Russian flybys performed by Su-30s and Su-24s aircraft from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet launched from Crimea, have been reported by NATO warships operating in the Black Sea previously, the whole story of USS Ross deviating from its planned operations because of a Fencer immediately appeared to be unlikely and quite hard to believe.

Then came the official statement by U.S. Navy.

According to the U.S. 6th Fleet: “USS Ross continued on her mission after observing the aircraft return to base. At no time did Ross act aggressively nor did she deviate from her planned operations. The conduct of her crew has been and continues to be professional. Ross’ Sailors observed that the SU 24 carried no weapons – wings were “clean.”

And here’s the video that proves this version.


  • AronLump

    I trust exactly *nothing* coming from official channels in Russia, today. Unofficial channels, yes. Rate, Sputnik, the new-Nazi rag that is Pravda, not so much.

    • Norton M

      this is coming from us navy, you idiot.

      • Dirk A. Dirka

        He was talking about the news stories in Russia that reported the false information about the encounter ……….you seem to be the idiot here.

  • Tommy B

    Yawn…. If it’s EW suite can blind the ships systems, shouldn’t it have screwed up the camera?

    • Michael Rich

      …do you have any idea what EW is?

      • tim robinson

        EW would definitely affect digital imaging, shielded or unsheilded

        • Michael Rich

          Since when has it ever done this? EW focuses on enemy radar and other sensors, an EW aircraft wouldn’t do anything to a camera.

        • red_coreSix

          EW means electronic warfare and can address ALOT of techniques. But how
          could it affect digital imaging?

  • Ranger Joe

    Maybe they wanted to get a look at superior American technology with their obsolete jets.

    • If this mission were purely evaluatory in nature, the Russians would have used SIGINT/ELINT vessels or aircraft instead of a previous-generation attack jet.

  • Callsign Vega

    So an un-armed SU-24 flies past an American Destroyer which basically yawns and continues on it’s way. Sputnik news: The Americans by the dozens jumped into the sea and the rest proceeded to scuttle the boat!

    Russians are only good for two things: Laughable news stories and hilarious car crash videos.

    • petrovic dusan

      Can you state any other country whose military jets can buzz US warships with impunity?
      Point of this “visit” of SU 24 is: US lost control of Black sea,Now Russia controls 90% of it,by coastal batteries with hundreds of Mach2+ rockets and huge air-force.
      Repatriation of Crimea to Russia was a harsh blow to Western military strategists and they know it.Having TU-22M and Iskander missiles with nuclear rockets on Crimea means that anti-ballistic shield US is setting up in Romania is useless (like,15 min.flight from Crimea).Also, all of Europe is in hour`s flight of Russian bombers.Think about i…
      USS”Ross” has international right to sail in Black sea,nobody denies it there is so called Montreux convention.
      But any NATO ship in Black sea is from the start outgunned outnumbered and outmaneuvered by Russan army.
      During 80es, a US warship was even RAMMED by Russian (then Soviet) warship in Black sea.Protest note was the only consequence..
      And about EW – neither Russian or US army is going to say the truth about it

    • Sensationalism aside, would you mind posting the Sputnik story (or any story, for that matter) that mirrors what you just said?

  • Su-24 do not carry Oniks or Sizzler missiles. Even if they did, there was no way for their radars to detect the destroyer at such ranges.

    • aehntu

      In Crimea there are also the Su-34, which can carry such weapons. The Su-24 can receive target information from coastal radars, satellites, etc.

  • ODM

    In addition, the striking range of our B-2 fleet overlaps the ENTIRE GLOBE. Coastal missile systems “Bastion” and “Bal” become “Burning” and “Burnt”

    • aehntu

      Planes stealth invisible to radar only centimeter and decimeter range, and then only at a certain distance. Radars VHF range can see the stealth aircraft, the problem is that the accuracy of the meter Range of radar is not enough to bring the missile (the error several tens of meters), but enough to give target designation for the fighters.

      Also radar missile attack warning can see in the air with a target the size of a metal golf ball at a distance of 6,000 kilometers.

      Russia was hit by 50 aircraft of NATO invading Russian space from 1945 to 1990.


      “More than 40 US aircraft were downed by Soviet forces and about 200 US servicemen were killed. Their families were given misinformation by the US military about how they died.”

      There were also conflicts with the Chinese border:

      And the war has not begun. Also, in the case of a destroyer in the Black Sea, if the ship entered the waters of territorial Russia it would have destroyed and nothing would have happened.

  • n00bsk00lbus

    “easily on-par with the abilities of an EA-18”

    You pretty much made that up didn’t you? We all know how much the Russians spend on R&D and how strong their electronics industry is. I wonder where they get all these fancy EW systems because it certainly isn’t Russia.

    The AA-12 is probably “easily on-par” with the AIM-120 as well.

    In a real war scenario that Su-24 would have eaten an AIM-120 long before it could get anywhere near that destroyer, an Su-34 would have met the same fate.

  • n00bsk00lbus

    Nice propaganda site. Russia couldn’t frighten a rowboat.

  • Don

    last time I checked, Cuba was in the Caribbean…

    “HAVANA — Three Russian navy vessels arrived Friday at the Havana harbor in the first such visit since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
    The destroyer Admiral Chabanenko entered the harbor before 10 a.m. with the entire crew lined up on the deck. It fired its guns in salute upon entering Havana Bay, with Cuba answering in kind with its own welcoming shots from La Cabaña Fort.

    The port call was greeted with martial music played by the Cuban navy band, while a throng of curious onlookers crowded alongside the canal that forms the entrance to the harbor.

    Later, two Russian support vessels made their entrance…”

  • Putin My Hero!

    find the English version of this video and you will understand what they are afraid.

    after American sailors saw on the radar of the Russian Sukhoi Su-24 , have stated combat anxiety.
    When radar “Donald Cook” spotted Sukhoi Su-24, alarm has been declared. But when approached Sukhoi Su-24, all locating equipment to “Donald Cook” was incapacitated or worked with interference.
    and ” Donald Cook ” could not even aim at the aircraft , the equipment did not work .
    Sukhoi Su-24 is indicative went on the attack, and each time could not respond to it in any way, thereby showing that 12 times destroyed the target.
    and only after the Sukhoi Su-24 flew away, the equipment on the ship earned.
    it was just a demonstration of the latest weapons.

    when after the incident of 27 military ” Donald Cook ” resigned , they simply understand that their lives are worth nothing , and not even be able to protect , ” Donald Cook ” ) ) ) ) )
    PS: Thank you Google translate)))))

    From Russia With Love!