Video shows Mi-8 helicopter crash during air show in Russia

An Mi-8 Hip helicopter crashed during an airshow in southern Russia. And here’s the video of the incident.

A Mil Mi-8 Hip utility helicopter crashed during an air show in Russia.

The chopper, belonging to the Russian “Panh Helicopters” air company (whose fleet of about 30 aircraft performs scientific and aerial services), was taking part to the opening phases of the Gidroavisalon 2014 in Gelendzhik, an international hydro air show that gathered 180 Russian companies and 14 foreign delegations.

As the video shows, after carrying a flag, the helicopter performed a heavy landing, “bounced” on the tarmac, broke into two pieces and fell back to the ground, catching fire.

Two crewmember were killed and one heavily injured as a consequence of the incident.

According to ITAR-TASS, the crash delayed the departure of some flights from the airport of Gelendzhik, a popular Black Sea resort.


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  1. The emergency responce was very slow on my opinion.
    But like was mention here before maybe that’s the best they have.

  2. Typical Russian…(not the pilots,RIP) Took the fire crews 3(three!!!) min to get in… And none out of the 4 trucks couldn’t operate properly… It’s an air show!!! Shouldn’t the rescue crews be ready to respond within seconds?!?

      • Lol! You have no idea…
        That and Russian incompetence to maintain somewhat normal way of life… With that said you still don’t want to mess with two things on this planet: Mother Nature and Mother Russia.

  3. After slowing down/stopping the video several times I agree with you. The blades as they were descending did not seem extreme to me. I do believe the pilot may have hit the right wheel a split second before the left. But as soon as weight hits that left strut- it disintegrates- and could contribute to the tail failure?

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