Russian Helicopter and Drone violate Georgia’s airspace

Mar 07 2014 - 3 Comments

As if violating the Ukrainian airspace wasn’t enough, a Russian Mi-8 Hip and UAV violated the Georgian airspace.

According to Georgia’s Foreign Ministry, on Mar. 6, at about 12:20 LT, an Mi-8 utility chopper departed from South Ossetia, where Russia has maintained some forward operating bases since the 2008’s war with Georgia, flew over several villages located to the northeast of Tbilisi, the capital town of Georgia.

The chopper was followed later on the same day (at 18.22 LT), by a Russian unspecified unmanned aerial vehicle nased in Abkhazia, intruded the Georgian airspace and flew over the village of Khurcha, near Zugdidi, on the country’s eastern side, near the Black Sea.

The reason of the airspace violations are unknown, but they are a sign of an intense activity by the Russian Armed Forces, not only in Ukraine, but in the whole Black Sea region.

Image credit: Alan Wilson


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