Russian Tu-22 bomber scares NATO air defenses flying at supersonic speed over the Baltic Sea for the first time

Mar 24 2015 - 20 Comments

The latest close encounter between NATO and Russian planes over the Baltic Sea was  different.

Early morning on Mar. 24, NATO and Swedish QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) interceptors were scrambled  to identify and shadow a formation of two Russian Air Force Tu-22M Backfire bombers escorted by two Su-27 Flanker aircraft.

As usual, the aircraft were flying with no FPL, no transponder, in international airspace. But, unlike all the previous events the leading Tu-22M bomber was flying at supersonic speed!

As a consequence of the high-speed of the Russian planes, the Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon jets, providing BAP (Baltic Air Patrol) duties from Siauliau airbase, Lithuania, had to perform a supersonic run to intercept and escort the Tu-22s and accompanying Su-27s.

According to our sources, this was the very first time a Russian Air Force plane flying from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad Oblast was flying abeam Latvia, within the Riga FIR (Flight Information Region), heading towards Denmark and the Scandinavian peninsula at supersonic speed.

The Backfire decelerated to subsonic speed and rejoined with the rest of the formation that was picked up by a flight of two Su-27s from Kaliningrad that relieved the other two Flankers.

Although the Russians did not violate any rule, their flying without transponder, without establishing radio contact with any ATC agency, may pose dangers to civilian aviation. Even more so, if the bombers or their escort jets fly at supersonic speed or aggressively react to aircraft that are launched to intercept them.

Some analysts believe the purpose of the flight was provocative: Moscow has recently warned Denmark that if it joins Nato’s missile defense shield, its navy will be a legitimate target for a Russian nuclear attack.

As a side note, on the afternoon on Mar. 24, the Italian Typhoons were scrambled again to perform another supersonic interception of two Su-27 Flanker returning to mainland Russia from Kaliningrad: the pair that had been relieved by the second flight of Flankers earlier on the same day.

H/T to Erik Arnberg for providing additional details.

Image credit: Alex Beltyukov – RuSpotters Team /Wikipedia


  • sferrin

    Just Putin showing the world again what a bunch of useless amateurs we have in power here in the West.

  • LongTimeObserver

    Light ’em up and see what they do.

  • R.Lopaka

    Pres. Obama’s Russian RESET strikes again.

  • Roland Lawrence

    Flying supersonic but not for long surely? Anyone know how long the Tu22m3 can go full chat for?

  • tjohn6041

    To be fair, most military jets do fly with their transponders off in these situations. It is the responsibility of the military pilots to ensure that they are safe though. Pretty safe unless you have an idiot without a radar; which brings me to something that happened to me in 2010: I nearly had a mid-air collision with a UH-60 Blackhawk flying through Class Delta Airspace. He had no transponder on and was not on the tower frequency or the emergency frequency. We came within about 120 ft of each other (not super close, but enough to be startling to you when you are taking off and you can see a Blackhawk flying straight towards you). I just turned off, as did he. Never did figure out why he was flying so close to the airport without a transponder or radio contact.

  • Business traveller

    Probably why i saw two danish F16´s heading south east at high speed yesterday.

  • dingding

    Good this just shows that the Russian Tu-22 can drop nukes on anyone specially the US at will!

    • GuzzlinGator

      And vice versa, ding dong.


  • Luke

    “Although the Russians did not violate any rule…”
    No violation of rules, no violation of air space…. okay next story.

  • Steeple

    Thank you for confirming that Russians were not violating any rules, that is appreciated.

  • Vlad Lenin

    I bet the Flankers had their AI radars turned off too. No, regard for safety. Is there a sanction for that?

    • rzero21


  • sinisterfalcon007

    Love Putin for his antics, can some body tell me what he does in his off time other then sending his 23’rd century bombers right from junkyard.

  • Byron

    Exactly that thing must light up like a Christmas tree without any stealth.

  • Leftseat1

    Tanker support?….a long way from home, and supersonic can empty tanks fast !

  • Yaroslav Lysenko

    Ask former Putin’s oligarh Khodorkovsky – what does it mean to send Putin anywhere, and what was the oil price before and after the moment when he was dismissed

  • John

    From my sail boat in the Baltic region on a clear day, I can see Putin. So I know all about Russia!!!

  • LongTimeObserver

    Really. For how long? Thirty minutes? Then what?

  • gary proffitt

    Russia like the condition of its airforce is fast becoming a relic of the past.

  • KnuckleHead Crusher


    All former occupied colonies of the Stalin – Khrushchev era. Looks like someone skipped history 101 at the ol’ ivy league? You’re free to pose any thought you like here. But for your own dignity, at least show some effort towards accuracy.

    But where was I? Oh, yes.

    …and then of course there’s Russia’s 10 year occupation of Afghanistan. The Chechen wars, and of course Russia’s recent invasion of Georgia (2008)….