What’s this new sensor exposed by video of a B-1 bomber refueling over Iraq?

Although it may seem just another B-1 refueling video, this footage shows something different.

The following footage was shot on Feb. 12, over Iraq.

It shows a B-1B “Lancer” (or “Bone”) taking fuel from a U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker during a mission in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

There are several such videos available online but this one caught our attention as it seems to show something different: the B-1, operating from Al Udeid airbase, in Qatar, has at least one new circle-shaped dorsal sensor (most probably an antenna) on the upper fuselage past of the cockpit area.

The same sensor doesn’t seem to be present on B-1s featured by similar footage, perhaps a sign that 34th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron Bones currently deployed in theater have received some kind of upgrade including the new antenna.

Does anyone have a clue when was the new sensor was installed and, above all, what it is?

Here’s the image that clearly shows the antenna (highlight mine, credit: U.S. Air Force):

34th EBS B-1B refuels over Syria


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  1. At first, I thought you were talking about the Sniper ATP/ATP-SE in the pod down below! The antenna suggests that this is most likely one of the new upgraded airframes that has received INSR (inertial navigation system replacement) and possibly also IBS.
    IBS includes lots of new goodies, while INSR adds a new GPS antenna and replaces mechanical gyros with laser ring gyros. My guess is that it’s part of INSR. Interestingly, early press releases on the various pipelined B-1 upgrades suggested that the radar might also have been upgraded.

    • apparently not, here is why
      The Diplomat:
      “The missiles would represent
      a “significant defence against any future airstrikes aimed at Iran’s
      nuclear facilities,” which would theoretically reduce the incentive for
      Iran to make concessions in the current round of nuclear negotiations.”

      Seems Russia s-300 family still frightening system for any air adversary.
      Note this system designed to counter BM system with speed over 8 to 10 Mach, what about fighter jet? every one know the unswer

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