Photos of B-1B over Fallujah remind us “Bones” are bombing ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Sep 26 2014 - 15 Comments

B-1B “Lancer” bombers belonging to the 7th Bomb Wing from Dyess Air Force Base, in Texas, are bombing ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria.

An unspecified number of B-1B bombers of the 7th Bomb Wing from Dyess AFB is currently operating from Al Udeid airbase, in Qatar. If you type the Qatari airbase name in Google Earth, you can spot at least 5 “Lancers” parked on the main apron, along with KC-135 tankers.

Al Udeid

Image credit: Google Earth

Originally the “Bones” (as the plane are nicknamed by their pilots), supported by 300 airmen, were deployed to the region to support Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan as part of a standard 6-month rotation to the main U.S. Air Force base in the Persian Gulf.

Then, they were destined to the current air campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

More or less at the same time when their presence in the opening waves of air strikes in Syria was confirmed by officials at the Pentagon, a composite photo made with video stills, of a B-1B circling over Fallujah, 69 kilometers to the west of Baghdad, on Sept. 24, was posted on Arab forum: a reminder that there’s a war going on in Iraq too and that air strikes on ISIS not only involve F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jets and F-15E aircraft, but also supersonic variable-sweep wing, jet-powered strategic bombers too.

Strategic bombers that can perform complex combined operations with escorting F-22, drop stealthy air-launched cruise missiles, perform maritime attacks and old-fashioned carpet bombings.

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  • achraf

    There is something selly about this terrorism wars. And the exhaustive use of air power. What is the ratio of gain between the vectors used and the targets. This war is just a justification of the huge amount of billions injected in the pantagon budget and the military market in the middle east. This weapons logically are not adapted at the war where they are envolved. Even much creazier. The people bombing are the same they create the menace by arming them and bringing all crizier people on earth (that happen to be the muslim ones because the are easely influenced) all this mediatic show of an world alliance is just bullshit at international scale. Usa messed up in irak. They drstroyed a country hwo was united and solvable. With all the bullshit about democraty and human rights. Irak afganistan and now libya are being anarchy zones. Because when the order of state is broken. And the monster of sectarism and religion wars that was bringed in by the satets in first time and their wahhabies allies who fear that shiaa in their own countries demand rights civils or economics…
    I wouldnt speak a lot about geopolitic or i call it hypocrite crazy bullshit politic. Because we dont help kurdish for just isis. It because we help them to get out from irak. We want to create a little countries with leaders loyal to the empire and enemies beyween them.
    How much people from the coalition will die if we engage some special forces that we see a lot in movies. Some sas and some marines that are the best of the best. With a compromise with the syrian regime to stop the attrition war that they manage against him. With promises from assad to go forward to peace and reconstruction of syria and a way to go with dignity after that ( even if all the mainstream medias show him like a deamon. The reality is far than that. And if he was not in picture if he was killed dismissed or if he quited. The situation of emptiness would bring syria to be in more catastrophic shape.

    • One Man

      Cry me a river.

    • Godfrey Kimega

      Well said! While airstrikes could hit buildings, tanks and convoys, I wonder what the US is going to do about the ISIS militant walking with a gun in the street.

      • Cody3/75

        Airpower is perfectly capable of targeting those guys too…

        Don’t ask that question though if you don’t want the answer. I deployed, as a ground pounder (my handle should tell you with what unit) for the entire length of the GWOT to both Afghanistan and Iraq. Do you really want to see me and my boy’s boots back on the ground?

        I doubt it, people like you would be the first one to start complaining and pointing fingers if American ground forces were in the picture.

        Don’t ask questions to things you won’t like answered…

    • pp_muscimol

      It is somehow more complicated than that. The US did not wanted to attack Khadafi, but CNN and other TVs started showing civilians dying and started asking why the Obama doesn’t do something!! …media pressure is huge in these days!!

    • NSA Ear

      Uh, were you talking to me? I’m sorry I was not listening. Please repeat.

    • Grach25

      U mad bro? There is nothing silly about this terrorist war. They messed with us and now we are taking out the trash. We make it look easy but it is not. We frequently engage very well trained groups of individuals and dispatch them with the same ferocity we would a donkey loaded with RPG’s.

      Have a nice day

  • B-Sabre

    I like that twin-hulled KC-135 in the lower left corner of the photo from Al Udeid, bottom row, right next to the C-130s!

    • Huh, that is a bad stitching job on that . The one with the black right wing identifies it from the RC-135 series.

      • ronbo

        That’s a Cobra Ball

  • Kraut

    You cannot count on Google Earth to be up to date. Sometimes the images can be recent, or a couple years old.

    • cencio4

      Sure, but don’t forget that Google Earth shows the date when the imagery was taken. In this case was July 2014.

  • mbee1

    if you count up the cost to the taxpayers , which is you and me, of this air power, every ISIL we kill or injure cost us ten million dollars. At that rate the US will be dead broke is a pretty short period of time while the ISIL simply recruits more fighters for 100 dollars each.

  • StudioSpectre

    Bad to the bone.

  • mbee1

    We lost Vietnam as nobody in the military, our military bothered to actually make the South Vietnamese fight their own war. We are losing Iraq and Afghanistan for the same reason. Our military and civilian side supports every time, crooks and thugs , hated by a large proportion of the people and than spends dimes on getting the country military ready and willing to fight when we leave which we always do at some point. The trillions thrown away on this corruption and incompetence puts our kids in debtors prison while not actually making us safer.