Photo shows B-1B bomber break away from tanker and ignite afterburners at night during air strike in Iraq

Oct 02 2014 - 21 Comments

A interesting photo shows a B-1B accelerate at night after refueling from a KC-135

B-1B bombers of the 7th Bomb Wing from Dyess AFB, deployed to Al Udeid airbase, in Qatar, have taken part in the air strikes on ISIS targets in Iraq and then Syria, since August.

On top is an interesting photo showing one “Bone”(from “B-One”) refueling at night from a KC-135 during an air strike on Sept. 27, as it ignites the afterburners to accelerate in bound to the subsequent waypoint along its route.

Air strikes in Syria

Image credit: U.S. Air Force


  • Nice! Do you have a link to a high-res version of the first picture?

  • Beautiful photographs!

  • InklingBooks

    Beautiful pictures and refueling at night certainly takes a lot of skill and courage.

    But what’s happening is giving me a terrible deja vu feeling. I’m old enough to remember all the blunders and lies of LBJ that led us into the Vietnam quagmire. I vividly recall that, when LBJ made his “I will not pursue nor will I accept’ withdrawal speech from the 1968 presidential race, I didn’t believe him. I’d grown so disgusted by his lies, I couldn’t believe the scoundrel could actually tell the truth.

    Before and during WWII, the advocates of air power often argued that they could win a war single-handed. As far as I know, none argue that today. It’s far too easy for the side being attacked to adjust their tactics to air-only warfare and still keep moving forward on the ground. Then it’s either ‘boots on the ground’ (Vietnam) or what’s more likely in this case, a clumsy withdrawal in the face of a defeat that’s just being stalled off by air strikes until after this November’s elections.

    And I’ll spare you remarks about my contempt for politicians who ask our military to risk their lives for partisan political purposes. I felt that about LBJ. I’m feeling it again.

  • Red

    Where on the USAF page do you find this photos?

  • echomrg

    it would be great if you could share the URLs for the original USAF pictures! :)

    • cencio4

      You need to be subscribed to the Defense Media Hub. Journos, editors, etc can download full size images. Sorry.

  • She sure is pretty. It’s too bad people in Congress and the Pentagon would rather see her in the Bone Yard rather than on sorties.

  • Alfa

    Great pictures!

  • Yonathan

    Hooo please please please Mr Cenciotti!! You can not tease us with that afterburner breakaway shot and just leave us with the low-res version :'( :'(
    By all the gods please give us a hi-res one so that we can have awesone computer wallpapers…
    Hoo please please please

  • Yonathan

    Found the Hi-RES pic of the afterburner breakaway:

  • germanlion

    Now that’s beautiful.

  • freespirit1891

    How can you derive joy out of a war machine which is responsible for the deaths of human beings ?

  • Revive Revival

    B-1Bs are hot looking planes

  • ThumbsDown

    It would be great to see a S300 hit this bird!