These Are Some Of The Most Spectacular Israeli Air Force F-15 Jets Photographs Ever

Israeli Air Force F-15 “Baz” and “Ra’am” as you have never seen them before.

The Heyl Ha’avir (Israeli Air Force) operates a fleet of about 70 F-15 Eagle jets in the A/B/C/D and I variants.

Besides the F-15I “Ra’am” (Thunder in Hebrew), which is a version of the F-15E Strike Eagle developed especially for Israel, the other types of F-15s in service with the Israeli Air Force have been improved through a series of upgrades and custom modifications which have made the “Baz” (Falcon), some of the most advanced and famous Eagles in service all around the world.

F-15I take off smoke

The Israeli F-15s, performing in the air superiority as well as in the air-to-ground role have taken part in all the regional wars, special operations and air strikes Israel has fought since the first Eagles were delivered in 1976.

F-15 Baz take off
The first ever kill by an F-15 was scored by an Israeli Eagle in 1979 over Lebanon, followed, two years later by the first worldwide kill of a Mig-25 Foxbat. Since then, Israeli F-15s were credited with 60 air-to-air victories mainly against Syrian Mig-21, Mig-25 and Mig-23 jets.

F-15 exhaust close up

The photographs in this post show the Israeli combat-proven F-15s at work.

They were taken by renowned aviation photographer Nir Ben-Yosef who has been documenting the IAF’s people, aircraft and operations for well over a decade.

F-15 take off afterburner

F-15I night takeoff

Image credit Nir Ben-Yosef (


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  1. Amazing machine. Esp seeing that the “silent eagle” is pretty stealthy makes you wonder why people bother with *cough* other solutions. Must be the cash back amounts certain political people get. IDF sure use it aggressively. Stating in a few docs that you are only a real man once you have a “guns kill” – the F15 is prince among paupers.

  2. Some of the F-15C/D variants are called “Akevs” (in Hebrew called Buzzard) which were delivered to IAF in 1981 during the Peace Fox III. I wonder if the F-15A-D variants are now called “Baz” after the a series upgrades and custom modifications?

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    you seem to have the hardware and yet letting Russians penetrate you on European front? if you didn’t do something real then Russia will keep penetrating you!!!

  4. These Eagles speak all business, call them Thunder, I’ll think of them as the “Hammer.” Spectacular photo’s that capture the mystique of battle hardened “soldiers” – almost medieval in nature.

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