U.S. F-15 pilots with GoPro cameras: One of the Best Cockpit Videos Ever

Aerial combat, pattern activity, low level flying in Alaska and Middle East by U.S. Air Force F-15 pilots with GoPro cameras.

The 67th Fighter Squadron, known as the “Fighting Cocks”, operates from Kadena AB, Okinawa, and provides air defense and air superiority in the Asian-Western Pacific area of operations, flying the F-15C Eagle.

The Squadron won the Raytheon Trophy for air-to-air excellence for their 6th time in history in 2013, becoming the most-winning squadron in the U.S. Air Force.

Below you can watch the stunning video they produced to celebrate the award.

In 2012, the squadron celebrated the award with a video showing one year of operations of both the 67FS “Fighting Cocks” and the 44FS “Vampire Bats”, at Kadena. 2013’s video was not only filmed in Japan during aerial combat training: the footage brings you aboard the Cocks F-15s during aerial refueling operations and at low level over Alaska and the Middle East, where 67th FS deployed between Sept. 2012 and May 2013.

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  1. Video would be terrific if the music wasn’t so awful. Terrible, terrible music!

  2. Almost as good as French Mirage F1 over Chad videos. Thank you for sharing this shootage!

    • Yeah it’s really a trade off. The 2012 video is DRASTICALLY better as far as production and film-making quality, *especially* the dubbing of the radio chatter. But the 2013 video has some bitchin’ low level stuff that I don’t think you get a whole lot of opportunity to do in Japan. LOL

  3. Some good video footage and the F15 is a great aircraft…but….43(F) Squadron “Fighting Cocks” Royal Air Force did it better!!!!! Signed…..ex 43(F) ground crew!! :-)

  4. Tremendous visuals. I guess I’m not the only one who would have preferred engine noise and pilot chatter to the soundtrack. Perhaps that music is what those Eagle drivers like, tho.

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