Meanwhile, additional U.S. aircraft are amassing in Poland

More U.S. aircraft have deployed to Poland amid growing concern for Russian presence in Central-Eastern Europe.

Last week, three C-130J Super Hercules aircraft deployed to 33rd Air Transport Base in Powidz, Poland.

The transport planes will take part in an exercise featuring also paratrooper drops over the Drawsko and Błędowska Desert ranges as well as launches over the Powidz base itself.

The joint drills are expected to include COMAO (Composite Air Operations) witn Polish F-16s and MiG-29s, as well as C-130Js, including grass runway training for the transport aircraft.

The Super Hercules turbo-prop transports come from Ramstein AFB in Germany and belong to the 37th Airlift Squadron, which is a part of USAFE.

Air Traffic Controllers and Command personnel is also going to participate in the event.

The official stance is that the Hercules deployment has nothing to do with Ukraine and is a routine activity related to the USAF rotation in Poland, but US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said that due to the Crimean Crisis, Washington is going to increase its military presence in Central-Eastern Europe.

Twelve F-16 jet fighters hailing from Aviano airbase, Italy, came to Task AB mid-march. So far, the exercise they take part in has lasted for two weeks and is still going on.

The General Command of the Polish Armed Forces also informed that an American Officer is to work at Powidz AB on a permanent basis. He is going to replace one of the Poles who is currently staying in Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina.

Another two Polish captains are serving in Luke AFB, Arizona. The personnel exchange is based on 2012 memorandum, and serves to increase the  experience exchange between the staff.

Image Credit: DoD

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