Watch this: amazing Post-Cold War low pass compilation

The following video shows several low passes performed by aircraft in service with the Polish Air Force.

Footage was shot at Biała Podlaska airbase (in eastern Poland, near the boundary with Belarus) and the datespan is 1990-1996.

The video features not only quite common TS-11 Iskra jet trainers, but also Lim-2 fighters, license built MiG-15s.

Jacek Siminski for TheAviationist


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  1. It looks like MiG-17 in the video, not MiG-15: (a) it has afterburner, (b) it looks like it has higher sweep angle (c) it has three wing fences 0:22 unlike 2 of MiG-15

  2. The “Lim-2” appears to be a Lim-5, licensed built MiG-17 as the MiG-15 did not have an afterburning engine.

  3. Still it isn’t looks like Lim-2, it rather looks like Lim-5 (like Troy commented) – too many differences: afterburner, wing fences etc.

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